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Cool, crisp morning = wonderful!

Cool, crisp morning = wonderful!

Today was my first time out running when it was still below zero C and it was wonderful :-) The grass was sparkling as if covered in fairy dust and the yellow, orange, brown leaves made a carpet of colour underfoot.

I went back to the woods and fields where I had first started running 4 months ago. This is the field of barley that was green then; it was only harvested 2 weeks ago and the stubble is still here.

I did a quick 5 km and that was enough for today - my first run after the 10K Run on Sunday. I actually paused a couple of times - which is unlike me - once when turning round at the road junction and a guy waiting at the bus stop started chatting (I think he may be/have been a runner too) and once to take the photos. I'm yet to decide if I'll do my long, slow run tomorrow as my thigh muscle is still slightly 'not-quite-right'.

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Oooo lovely - planning on my countryside run tomorrow - hope the weather in East as lovely as where you are.

As ever an inspiration... Hope your thigh is OK for your long run.


Brilliant picture, no frost here, but its coming next week! Fantastic that you have achieved a 10k run too. Not sure I am fast enough for that yet.

Sneeked out today once the rain went off and sun came out. It was chilly but lovely, as usual slow and had a few breathers for about 30-40 seconds. But managed 11.11km today, well pleased with the distance.


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