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Thank you forum!!

I'm sure I'm not the only person who often finds themselves starting things with the best intentions and then not completing them (or even getting halfway!). Luckily for me I found this forum and I have so far managed to keep on track, finishing W5R2 today

Thank you to everyone who posts their progress, it has really helped to keep me motivated to know that there are others out there working their way through the program and even better there are graduates out there who show what can be achieved.

But also a big thanks to the people who answered my questions on running with a buggy. Thanks to them I have now "invested" £15 in a 3 wheel buggy from eBay and can go out during the day, rather than have to wait till my partner gets home late in the evening, without that I would have given up

I still have another few weeks to go, but fingers crossed I'll get there and I certainly stand a better chance with this forums help

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A great investment! And a hell of a lot cheaper than joining a gym!

I know you'll get there....and good luck with week5 r3!!


Oh good jemmamitoo, so glad you were able to get a 3 wheeled buggy so you can run during the day. I saw someone a couple of weeks ago trying to run with a two wheeler and not getting very far. You're doing really well-heck I never would have imagined I would get to week 8 without stopping, but here I am poised on week 9 run 1 Monday. It seems light years away when you read the blogs of the graduates, but time flies by. Keep blogging-that's my advice. All the tips and ideas will help you through and just think it's better for baby to be outside in the relatively fresh air than cooped up inside. Go girl-you can do it! best of luck with the rest of the programme:-)


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