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No run today, heavy rain and it feels cold

Just could not face that torrential rain, so took the dog for a 4.5km walk, of course what happens the rain goes off whilst we are out on the walk , then starts the minute we get back.

I normally love running in the rain but would have needed windscreen wipers for my eyes today to see.

Feel guilty I have not run. So here's hoping I can fit a long run in on Friday.

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dont feel too guilty as you did go out for a walk & not resign yourself to the couch!

I too was nearly put off by the rain this morning but decided to brave it, complete with baseball cap to keep the sea breeze (gale) & horrible rain off my face. the rest of me isnt bothered by the rain, just dont like the wind & rain directly in my face aswell.

hope the weather is better for you next time you run. x


thanks shelleymcb, think am going to do a small run thursday now.


I think going for a long walk was a pretty good effort. Last week I ran in the rain and ended up with a sore, stinging face so will try some sort of barrier cream next time I think ;-)


Folks could not wait till Friday, rain was off this morning, so decided was going to make up for yesterday. It amazing how determined you can be...... 8.92km, longest run yet!!!!

I feel great


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