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Wk6r3 / Wk7 - though the stutter (I hope) - helped by Tic Tacs!!!!

After a disappointing "stutter" on Saturday where i annoyingly allowed the Gremlins to talk me into twice walking for a few paces, I have just completed my first 25 minutes run - probably the farest I have ever run without stops & something I never thought I would achieve at the start of this programme.

I hit the highest point of my route about 5-6 mins into the run and as on Saturday, my breathing was still all over the place at ths point but I "huffed & puffed" through it. After that I started to settle & from the halfway point onwards & got into a bit of a rhythm, was determined to finish and felt really good at the end - and actually could have "run on" a bit but wanted to finish on a high.

Due to gulping for air - I have to breathe in through my mouth, which causes dryness in my mouth / throat, today, I took a couple of mint Tic Tacs and sucked on them at a couple of particularly "dry points" which seemed to help significantly. So I would like to dedicate this run to them!!! I think they might become a regular piece of my running kit, so if you eve hear a jogger rattling, it could well be me!!!!

Still smiling and actually feeling a bit like a runner now!!! :-)

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Argh! This happened to me this morning on W7R2 - I had to stop twice. Really annoying, but now got to look forwards to R3 and hopefully get through it non-stop!


Well done Spud on getting 25 min run under your belt. Good luck for week 7 :-)


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