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Overspill OR How running helps in other areas of your life

Having completed the Race for Life on Saturday, which was officially my W8R3 (and some!) this should be my week 9 running week, however, as I have Palace to Palace 45 mile cycle on Sunday and have done little training so far, I thought I would focus on the cycling, especially as I have only today, Weds and Friday to train. (does that last sentence win a prize for being so long?)

I had distractions in the form of phone calls (productive, might have some work out of it) and I procrastinated due to the torrential rain, eventually I got out of the house at 2.30 (ha, so much for a 9.30 start followed by yoga). The rain had dropped down to a light drizzle and I decided to wear my walking waterproofs to see if I could stay dry without flaking out from the heat. I lost the jacket after 2 miles and the trousers after 3 (don't worry, I had cycle shorts on underneath and my new long sleeved bright pink running top). I also wore my daughter's 'flashing furry stars' headband over my baseball cap, so that people would see me on the murky back roads in the woods. I shortened the original route I was planning, but still put in a respectable 12 1/2 miles across very hilly terrain. The exact terrain I know they will make us ride on Sunday. Not at the start, when we're all fresh, as I was today (relatively). Oh no no no. They'll put those hills in at around the 30 mile mark and they will last for 10 miles. Like last year. Only thanks to C25K and all of you for helping me get to where I am now, I am READY FOR IT.

There were a few points where I really just wanted to cycle straight home, I had my excuses all ready, daughter needs me at home after school, etc, etc. But one thing I've learned over the last couple of months is that you will have self respect and so many other rewards if you just stick with it and put in some work. It's really worth the effort. I know that I'm going to be shattered at the end of the ride, but I also know that I'm starting in a much better position this year, as a non-smoking runner who has a bit more determination and grit (and has actually tackled a couple of hills as a nod towards preparation).

Will I run this week? I hope so. Weds coudl be both a running and cycling day, but I think I'll save my graduation run for next week, when I have a little less distraction.

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Well done for how far you have got!

I have found that it has helped me in other aspects of life, my fitness has increased so much, I can survive a spinning class now without wanting to lie down instantly

It is yoga for me this evening, then I think W9 R2 on Wednesday!

I know what you mean you try and make excuses not to do it, in the ned you just think come on and get it over with!

Good luck with fitting it in!


thanks B1ddy. I enjoy yoga too, it's the perfect antidote to running and cycling tension and it's good training for the breathing part of running :-)


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