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Another satisfied customer

Yesterday morning was my W9R3 victory lap of various Leamington parks.

Actually to the onlooker it may have been a little more like a death march, what with the coughing, spluttering and gasping for breath ;-)

And is it the mark of a runner to greet the brief appearance of the sun with curses, and try to run in the shade of the trees?

But any which way, I've made it through, with the help of this site, Laura, and her odd musical choices. It has taken just over 11 weeks, with non-running holidays and the odd twinge.

I now feel happier, healthier, and have started my parkrun career.

And my top tips for the new runner:

- Decent running shoes

- Find somewhere nice to run if you can (I've been lucky in this)

- You will have the occasional bad run. So does everyone. Don't stress, there will be good ones too.


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Well done!

You should be pleased with yourself!

I am about to start week 9 run this week, and like you it has taken me more than the 9 weeks, but I have stuck to it!

Are you going on to do the next podcasts?


Congratulations, logical_shark. I definitely agree with you on the find somewhere nice to run (if you can). Onwards to more kilometres!

Happy running.


Great John! It's a lovely feeling isn't it? You'll find your breath will be a lot easier after not too many more runs. Have a great time with your parkruns!


Hi John, your blog did make me laugh! Well done for getting to the end of the programme. It's seems strange to think of it as the end of something as opposed to simply the beginning of a whole new life! Sounds a bit hokey when I see it in print! Hopefully you get the gist!


CONGRATULATIONS JOHN!!!!! Very well done, you should feel awesome!! Wishing you continued running success and looking forward to seeing that bright, shiny badge by your name Mr. Graduate! :-)


I just looked, you already have your badge!!!! :-) :-)


Congratulations, John!! I especially like your tip about having some bad runs!! It is absolutely true!! I look forward to having that same sense of accomplishment that you must have now!! Congratulations again, well done and Keep Running!


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