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Just to say hello & good luck/congrats to anyone doing the GNR

It's been 9 weeks since my last run, what a disappointing summer - it matched the weather! Chronic vertigo attacks over July & August prevented me from getting out there. Just as I was feeling like I was getting back to normality, I fell clambering over some rocks on a beach and damaged the ligaments in left foot at the end of August.

I got called back to A&E on Friday and was told I had also had a minor fracture in my cuboid that had been missed too. I had been avoiding this place because I was very down in the dumps about my health and not getting out to run.

Watching the GNR this morning has lifted me out of the doldrums slightly and reminded me that I can look after myself until I am ready to run again in other ways - get back into doing the free weights while resting my foot and pop in here more often.

I know there were people aiming for the run this morning so I hope they achieve their targets :)


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Hi Paula, it's so great to hear from you! I've also had to put up with an injury over the summer and it's tough to keep mentally strong, so I've been down in the dumps too!! It's not forever though, whilst resting your foot keep going with something else and you'll find that popping on here will help too (I did) Hve you got any idea how long it will take for your foot to recover?

I'm sat here watching the GNR; how they can run so fast for so long is staggering.

Take care,



And so much energy saved for a MASSIVE sprint at the end!

I've been told the fracture is 'well rounded' which is good!? I am walking OK on my foot, which the Dr was very surprised to see when they called me from the waiting room on Friday. Anything beyond walking is a struggle though and at that I have been very careful about how much walking I have done and taking rest breaks too, but each day over the 3 weeks now I have felt improvements.

Sunday week my nephew begged me to play football with him & I gave in (not knowing about the fracture then) but insisted on being in goals, but had to give up after less that 5 mins because of the twisting and stretching.

I have been told not to attempt running again until I can manage on the stairs normally - on the plus side I have hypermobility syndrome, which means my ligaments over stretch, so things could have been a lot worse & I am hoping will mean will help me recover quicker.

We all have to expect bumps in the road and keep our chins up - some people have been telling me my foot will now bother me for the rest of my life, but I am really hoping that is not the case! How have you managed with your injury?


Yes, it sounds like things could have been a lot worse! I'm really glad you're feeling improvements :) I'm not sure what exercise you can do now? Top half only, I guess.

With regards to my muscular injury, I've been swimming a lot more than normal to keep up some level of fitness and I had a deep tissue massge which definitely helped. I'm running again every other daynow but keeping it to 6k. Occassionally I need ibuprofen. My leg is still not right though as the muscle at the front near the shin plays up the day after a run. I was supposed to be doing a half marathon next week but sadly not going to be able to as I don't want to run that distance as I might injure it further. I can't believe how long it's taking to recover.


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