How slow can you go??

I seem to run at a snail's pace - am positive I could walk faster - however if I try to up my pace, I just can't do it. I did w4r2 this morning. I do the running with my daughter who ends up way ahead of me within 30 seconds. Should I push to go faster and risk not completing the runs or should i carry on as I am? I almost cried this morning when Laura said to lower the pace if you were struggling - I feel I couldn't lower it anymore.


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  • Well you're actually doing really well: most people go too fast! (hence Lauras comment). Just keep going at your natural slow pace, no matter how slow that is. Ignore daughter!! Finishng the time is what is important at the moment and you've only got one more run in week 4: brilliant stuff!

  • I am still very slow after having been running for about 18 months. My best time for a 5K is 33 minutes and that nearly killed me.

    Stick to your own pace and concentrate on the podcast. Getting through the runs is far more important than how fast other people are running.

  • I am the (self appointed) Queen of Slow ... first time around I got to w6r3 and injured my calf with 3 min to go ... 10 weeks later I'm back at w1r2. I do do the park run though. I walk the majority of it. My pb is just over 41 min but more recently ie last sat I took 51:05 min . Are you about to usurp me?

    As long as we are out there making the effort that is what counts ... speed can wait

  • Oh my goodness I can't believe how much better I feel about this already - thank you all for your encouraging comments - I will keep going at my pace....and be proud!! x

  • Just completed week 1 and I found it easier to do the run a little faster. The very slow jog was harder on the legs and on the breathing. Now I lean slightly forwards and take longer steps in the run. I can slow the steps down but keeping them a little longer is easier on the muscles.

    It's hard to sort out the pace.

  • 5k in 55 minutes - that slow enough for you?

    The object of the exercise is to be able to keep it up - if you've got this far you are doing something right! Once you feel confident about running for 30 minutes, then you can start looking at distance and/or speed, and now there are NHS C25K+ podcasts to help you do that. I do find running to the beat helpful for speeding up.

  • I am very slow as well - don't worry about it! On my mammoth 5k attempt yesterday it took me about a kilometer to overtake a lady who was walking in front of me - embarrassing or what! When I finally passed her (I think she slowed down out of pity) she said, 'Ah, I could hear someone coming up behind me' - which of course made me feel even worse! Never mind, at least we're still running!

  • So glad you raised this-I worry about being too slow too and I'm about to start week 8. But I think just getting through it is the main thing and the speed does build without you realising it. I am thinking of doing a Parkrun which is daunting....

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