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Caught between 'too hot' and 'too dark'

Phew it's been hot lately! I don't do well in the heat. I sweat like a P.I.G. at the meer mention of summer so the last few days have been a tads uncomfortable for me, trouble is, with the evenings drawing in, it's getting to be dark by the time I'm comfortable to venture out; so this is where my darling husband comes in useful. He has very kindly offered to accompany me on my runs in the evening, which is all very well, but he is fitter than me and runs at a faster pace. So, poor love, he has to pause, jogging on the spot several time, waiting for me to catch up! Ah well, that's love!

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Rather than run on the spot he could run a head a little, turn round come back past you for a bit and then catch you up again. I was out at 8am this morning and it was warm then!


Thank you AliB1 - that sounds like a plan! I went out on my own at about 5pm today - far to hot!


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