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speed( again because I like it!) but I carried on for the 5k!

I can't help it- I just like the speed podcasts because it's intervals so I did it again this morning. I do want to try stamina (but not yet!). However, having done speed, I found I was still feeeling pretty good so I thought I'd just carry on after the podcast finished and stop when I got to 5k. Didn't bother doing the intervals for this extra bit, just carried on at 155bpm which is my usual pace. Now I know that I can do 5k and actually put the pace up a bit in the middle by doing intervals and not wear myself out. Might try that next time, just run 5k without the podcast and see if I can do a few intervals.

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Haha thats just what I have done a couple of times now, even did the remaining distance without music which was a first for me!! I really enjoy this podcast, its what I call short and sweet, or perhaps that should be short and sweat!!! ;)


Sounds like you are doing really well... keep it up! Funny I would not have thought speed would have been the one to try... the title stepping stones must be


That's a good idea, maybe i should trial that, I've never run without music but wanted to give it a go before doing a parkrun.


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