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W6R1 - the morning after the night before

It was my birthday yesterday - I treated myself to a visit to a physio to teach me how to stretch out properly as I'm so not in touch with my body and following diagrams really doesn't work for me! Then off to WW - 4 1/2lb loss this week - yay!! Then out to dinner with my Knitting & Crochet Club to celebrate everything.

This morning I was sluggish and could happily have stayed in bed, but no, my running buddies will be waiting for me, so I put on my new birthday running clothes (socks and long running leggings) and obviously a few more bits and pieces lol and off we went.

Why was this so much harder than W5R3? For the first time ever I felt I was struggling to finish and that the stitch was just a step away. It ended ok and I managed, but considering its all stuff I've done before I was surprised how much I struggled. I didn't eat or drink to excess yesterday, though it was more than I've been eating.

Anyway W6R2 beckons for Monday - hopefully two days rest will get my energy back!!

Have a good weekend everyone and happy running :-)

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I know exactly how you feel, although I didn't party the night before! I did W6R1 yesterday and it was tough, tired heavy legs.

It has to be a mental hurdle to get through so, like you, I'll be out on Monday for R2 :o)

Good luck. & well done on the 4 1/2lb weight loss.


im just getting ready to do my week 6 run 1 shall report back how it goes


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