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Just started, but the old knee reminding me it's there

I've just done W1R1 yesterday and I'm so keen to really get into this program, but I have a dodgy knee that is flaring up today, along with a bit of obligatory stiffness. Do you know any good knee strength exercises that would reduce the pain or should I take ibuprofen. Trouble is, I run in the morning and pain killers need time to kick in.

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Hi LanarkBlue, congratulations on completing W1R1. I don't know of any knee exercises but when my knees started to hurt I made sure I brought new trainers that suited my running style and my pronation (how you land on your feet) it really made the world of difference and I never had a problem with my knees again. A good running shop should be able to tell you your running style and the right type of trainers to get. Also, somebody else mentioned running socks might help. Hope that helps.


My knees were achey at the beginning too and I agree 100% with kaycee101 - my trainers were the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever bought... :-) and the socks are great.

I always had a hot bath after my run, with bath stuff for aching muscles, and afterwards I rubbed in arnica cream. The aching disappeared in week2. Just take things nice and slowly. Good luck, hope it works out for you!


Apparently strengthening hamstrings and quads helps protect knees from injury :) A few squats and lunges every couple of days to strengthen those muscles might help, along with comfy shoes and making sure you take rest days to let your knees recover! Hope it settles down for you soon - if not, ask your GP (as always!!) :)


Thanks folks. I'm so afraid of this thing flaring up again. I have prescription orthotics so that helps a good bit, and stretching the thighs was always something I did, but I'm going to focus on my hammys now too. W1R2 in the morning ... Trepidation....


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