Week 5 run 3 any advice for nervous ' non runner'

I'm hoping to get out for run 3 later today and would love any advice anyone can offer on the best way to get through it. Do i set off slower than normal/ at my normal pace etc. I really want this run to go ok as it's all gone so well so far (possibly too well) and i know i'll be so demoralized if i don't make it. I know theres loads of you out there who have been through this so any hints/tips that you found helped you would be wonderful.


(from one very nervous but hopefull 'non runner')


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5 Replies

  • Set off slowly, maybe a bit slower than usual. You can always speed it up if you feel like it. Breathe! Laura is good and tells you how long you've run / got to go, which breaks it up a bit.

    I'm sure if you've got this far with the programme, you will be fine. The programme is so well-devised that you are already prepared for each new stage as it comes. I know I panicked like mad about W5R3 but it was fine. And if I can do it, you can. You are ready!

  • Like Soozz says, if we can do it, so can you! Run at a pace that's comfortable for you, you can always speed up if you feel like it! All the best, it'll be fine!

  • I can only echo the others - W5R3 was terrifying for me too as I was also a total non- runner before I started this programme but I took it really steadily as I knew that my body had built up the stamina to cope even if my brain didn't feel that confident! :D

    Listen to Laura, she will guide you through it step-by-step as the podcast takes into account that you will be worried about this run.

    You will be fine sinope82, just stick to what you've been doing and what you know! :)

    Good Luck - Here's to your upcoming Week 6! :)

  • I would suggest you keep run action going. Even if it's minute 15 and you want to stop just keep that action of running going even if it's the same pace as a fast walk.

    Just keep thinking about how good you'll feel when you've done it.

    Also I did that run in a huge field all to myself so it was good to let out the odd grunt and groan without feeling self conscious!!

  • Thanks guys, great advice which I'm planning on putting to good use later today :o)

    I think I just needed a kick up the backside to get me out the door thinking it was possible. Anyway I'm going to give it my best, trust Laura (to be fair she has been right every time so far) and hopefully I'll be back on here later with a yey I did it style blog :o)

    Wish me luck

    Thanks again for all your help

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