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getting obsessed with what people are doing here!!!!

I have no idea why but I come online several times a day, and this forum is becoming obsessive, not only do I only go into facebook everytime I am now coming on here to see if I have any messages and see what everyone is doing and how they are progressing, some of the comments are soo funny too.

Keep up the good work and advice everyone, im sure we have all helped at least one person on here, I know for sure I have had lots of help for myself from several people.

Can I ask what is the best podcast to do next, as my next run will be week 9 first run.

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I am exactly the same - I really enjoy reading all the posts and it definitely spurs me on!!!


Ha ha yeah, I'm the same - constantly checking back here to see who's doing what. I'm on here more than Face book now!!

Littlejan do you mean the best podcast to do after graduation? If so, I suppose it depends what you want to do in terms of continuing. I graduated last week and have decided to try and improve my stamina & speed so am repeating some of the podcasts and am doing my previous 'running' speed for the walking bit and have upped the pace for the running bit as I tried the new Stepping Stone podcast and found it a tad too fast for my current shuffle pace :) I am also doing a 'long' run once a week to make sure I can still do that too but that is at my more comfy shuffle pace rather than speeding up ~ but then I only graduated last week :D

Good luck for your next run!


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