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I expect this will be thoroughly unpleasant

I'm a dancer, but I had a year off and have been trying to get back into shape. I'm starting to look more in shape but I know that my aerobic fitness was a disaster even when I was at my best, so I've decided to do a bit of running.

I expect that, by the end of this plan, I will be fit enough to go swimming without the risk of drowning! I get just as out-of-breath when I'm swimming, and being that tired makes my muscles give up really quickly - I can push through it on land until I'm out the other side, but in water I just gradually start to sink and I want to be fitter before I do that again.

Because I know I'm terrible at doing the first day of these plans, I'm starting in a couple of hours and going for the first run before I go to bed - that should make it about 4.30am when I start! 5am is only about an hour later than I'd go to bed anyway, so I don't mind doing it for the first day to make sure I get started properly.

I'll try and keep this updated with all the exercise I do, not just running. The feeling that'd you're all watching me may just be enough for me not to slack, because I don't have it in me to pretend I've done stuff if I haven't! ;)

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You can do this. It's a really good programme that builds up your stamina gently every week. It's challenging but if it was easy we would all be able to do it without trying. I have just graduated and look forward to my 30 minute runs. I would never ever have looked forward to any run before I started c25k. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


So did you manage the first run? You must be an extreme night owl! This is a really good programme and I'm sure it will work for you.


How did you get on? You will be fine if you stick to it, I promise!

A year ago I couldnt run for my train and having done this plan (and lost a fair bit of weight through diet and exercise) I ran my first 10k race yesterday!


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