Graduated last month

I graduated from week 9 at the end of June so pretty much a month ago. I'm jogging 6.5 km daily which usually takes me about 47 minutes so I'm definitely not very speedy. I feel great though, so proud of myself. I love that I can jog for that long without walking - in my 40 years I've never been able to do this. A big thanks to whoever developed this program, If someone told me a few months ago that I'd be able to jog 47 minutes straight I would have laughed in their face! To anyone having a difficult week - hang in there. If I can do it, anyone can!

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  • aww, a lovely post! I graduated last week, and am now working on increasing my speed. Reading your post is inspiring, I will keep going as you have - well done on 6.5K daily - thats some effort!....

  • Thank you and congratulations on graduating!

  • wow thats really doing the same distance and can only manage every other day... when did you step up to daily ?

  • I've actually been going daily almost from the beginning of the program - but for this reason. I quit smoking shortly after starting the program and I always enjoyed smoking in the morning with my coffee. So now I jog instead which helps me deal with the quitting process.

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