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Fitness levels

Hi all

On different websites about running it says if you are have problems with breathing while running, in other words your breathing after a while should start to become easier, if it doesnt it mean your fitnees levels is not too good, does anyone know what I can do between runs to make this better. To make me stronger and my legs stronger, ready for the longer runs, I have just finished week 6.

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You can try other exercise on non running days, I do a mixture of swimming .weights . cycling (in a gym) and pilates, plus brisk dog walking on hills every day.

I am sure your breathing will get easier as you carry on running and building up your stamina as will your strength in your legs. It is very early days in your running "career" yet!

One other thing though, have you been tested for asthma or do you get hayfever? I developed slight asthma, and hayfever in my mid thirties and have to remember to use my pump and/or take antihistamine before going out running or walking sometimes.


Also, if you are breathing too hard during your runs - having to breathe with your mouth open at all times and not being able to say more than 2-3 words at a time, chances are you are running too fast.

I'd suggest slowing down and waiting till you finish week nine and then, as you continue with your running, introduce 60-120 second sprints followed by 2 minute slow jogs into one of your 3 weekly runs. This is a proven method to increase your cardio fitness


Don't underestimate the power of the "brisk" walk. Laura really means it when she says "brisk". Try to go at a pace fast enough to just prevent you from breaking into a trot and do that on your day-to-day walking too. As Deryn61 says, six weeks is early days but you can help your stamina improve by walking , cycling or swimming so that you are doing something active every day. You are doing so well and, although you might have to slow down for the longer runs, that's OK too. I've dropped my initial speed now I'm doing 30 miutes and I'll repeat the podcasts after graduation using my slow speed for the walking intervals and my desired speed for the running parts until I've achieved my target of 5k in about 30 minutes. Good luck over the next few weeks. I'm sure you'll make it :)


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