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2 weeks today since i last ran!!!

Its now been 2 weeks since my last run, with combo of humidity & hay fever its been impossible for me to get out! excuses excuses! ha, should i just get back at the 30 min like i was doing 2 weeks ago? or should i take it bit slower, i even see my bum & legs loosing firmness after this short time, how unfair is that knowing how long it took to firm them up!

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If you were doing 30 minutes you should be able to continue but it's an idea to slow down and go for the same distance you were achieving before your pause even if it takes longer. As a rule think distance first, speed later.


Slower definitely. As for the 30 min .. set that as a goal for your total running time. Try and do it all in one go but don't beat yourself up if you have to take a walking break.


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