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Ok so I have just done the Wild West Solent Swim....I could barely swim 10 lenghs 3 months ago...and i swam over 130+ lenghs from Hurst castle on the mainland back to the Island.I was Buzzing for despite no sleep the night before I came home and did all my lawns and hedges...i just could not wind down...

I started and stopped the C25K a couple of times...coz the swim training and running kept clashing...

But I have decided the next Challenge is to do the swim and run part of the West Wight triathlon in I mad ...I think so but if I dont go for it...My son has been desberate to do the cycle for ages.

So i will swim 600m...he will cycle 35K...then i will finish with the 7.5K run...Im sure we will come last but hey ho the buzz will be wort it

So I am on Week3 a long way to go and if you could have seen me huffing along tonight...but its 11 weeks away...I can do it(lol if I say it enough I may convince myself...)

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Yes you are mad lol, good luck!


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