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Occasional difficulty hearing Laura over the music

I don't know if the blog section here is the place to make a suggestion, but I don't know where else to put it. Today I inadvertently stopped running a little early on one of the running sections. Why? Because Laura started speaking and I didn't hear her clearly. It was only after she'd said a sentence that I realised she was simply advising me I was almost finished the run.

As I am running on a singletrack road with no pavement, and no 'right' side to walk to face oncoming traffic (the vehicles take up the whole road), I like to keep the podcast fairly quiet to hear what little traffic there is. As Laura has a lovely low voice, today, occasionally, I found it slightly difficult to hear her with the low background wind that came in places. I think a short higher-pitched sound at the start and end of the running section would be helpful, especially for anyone with reduced hearing.

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