Me? or Ernie.... the fastest milk cart in the West!

I have been trying to get to that elusive 30min/5km time since graduating. Sometimes I feel really good and push like hell at the end to get my time down and it still keeps slipping away from me. Why is it that when you start, the minutes go so slowly and when you are trying to get a better time they flash by?!

Top tip : to get a PB do as I did the other morning. I was having a pretty good, average run and was getting towards the end when I spotted a milk van. I have never seem one of them down that lane before in my life (lived there for 15yrs!). As I went past it, it started up and began to follow me down the lane which was very narrow. I had two choices, stand aside and let it pass or run like stink to get out of the way and not interrupt my finish. I took the second option and ran and as a result got a PB of 33 mins!! Still not the 30 - but, hey! thanks Ernie for providing the 'motivation' for getting me a bit nearer to that 30. I will get there one day. :)


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8 Replies

  • Yay for the milk cart! :-)

    I want to get to a 30 min 5K too, but this week (my first post graduation) has not seen me cover myself in glory...

  • It took me 3 months after graduating to get below 30mins! Admittedly I have been more preoccupied with increasing distance than speed. Some people manage it at graduation or soon afterwards so it just depends on the person.

    I see you have already been doing some sprints with the milk cart so that should help ;) Have you done any 5k races or a parkrun? I find that running with other people really pushes me to run faster, especially if you're competitive. Good luck!

  • I haven't done any parkruns or 5km yet. I still (being ever so vain!) find that running on my own in the early morning suits me best. I get home, beetroot red, sometimes with a runny nose and my hair not quite standing on end, but looking none too brilliant. Not brave enough to inflict this image on too many people just yet!!

    I graduated nearly 3 weeks ago now and run 5km every other day. My sister who has been running for years, entered me for a RFL a week after I had graduated and a couple of days after my birthday. I couldn't do it as I was busy (she hadn't checked with me that I was free). She went, and then texted me to tell me that she had done it in 24.37 mins. This was when I was doing 5km at about 37mins. Competitive or what? I really love the running now and am glad that I didn't go with her as it would have really knocked my confidence.

    I will do a parkrun at some stage but want to feel a bit more comfortable with myself before then, getting off the couch is one thing, beetroot face has to sorted and then .... who knows?!! :)

  • PB thanks, lol have that on my mp3 and "that tickled old Ernie" :)

  • Still makes me laugh when I hear that song!

  • Lol, well done what a wonderful picture you just drew for us all. Hope you took note of the time Ernie was in the lane, you could utilise his services again, will be like having your own free personal trainer ;)

  • It was quite funny. I have seen him once since then as I go out at the same time; he was facing in the opposite direction??!! :)

  • maybe he varies his route trying to get a PB? milkos must get bored too :)

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