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Just completed W8R2 and then some, decided I was close enough to the 5k mark to push on and managed to finish the 5k in 31:32. So pleased, who would have though just two months ago when I was glad to get to the end of 60 seconds id be doing this.

I have found that by far its more difficult post W6R2, just running and running and running. But once you realise you can do it then you just got to get on. Time of day, what you've eaten both make a huge difference so im not expecting 5k every run but at least I know I got there once!

Hopefully will graduate within a week or so (tempted to skip W8R3) and then go on holiday and get all unfit again.

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Brillant time and wonderful distance! Big smile day.


Excellent 5k time, keepon! You are doing so well! Keep up the good work...


Fantastic! :D


Well done that's a brilliant time keepon :-)


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