Couch to 5K
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Hoping my two secret weapons are ready soon, boy do I need them!

Did 5K tonight but oh it was sooo hard. In fact it is always hard.

OK - I know that I haven't been putting the effort into the programme that I might have since I graduated but I have kept going and Nordic walk and go to the gym as well.

I am really hoping that two things help motivate me soon. They are (in no particular order) :

A C25K tee shirt....soon to be hot off the press :)

Laura's new podcasts, due out early July.

I am really hoping that a combination of the two and ... Whooosh I will be off!

That is the theory anyway.

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Not to worry,'ll get fun .... any day now....waiting,

Well, maybe a few more miles on the ole bod' first ...

You'll be on fire when you get that tee shirt and podcast, tho'!


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