Should I share my dirty secret? ;-)

It's silly but hubbie and I have not told anyone we are doing this. So far the only ones who know are you guys, one fellow runner from hubbies work we bumped into one evening, and the guy from the corner shop who usually does his Saturday heart walk as we run. We kept it quiet because we didnt believe we could do it. There are some family members we're def not going to tell as they would take the p. just wondering about slowly confessing what we're up to. The alternative I'm considering is waiting till a) we do a charity run or b) we visit family and HAVE to run there - and with either of these saying "oh yes, we've been running for ages..."

Has anyone else done this on the QT?


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  • I didn't tell even my hubby when I first started running. He thought I was just going out for a walk which was quite normal for me. Then on week two I came back looking somewhat rosier and out of puff, I had to own up. He never once laughed but my best friend did and said I was mad!! Nearly 3 years later she often says I'm doing my body more harm than good!! Not the opinion of my doctor and the practice nurse who have encouraged me every step of the way. Live your life as you want to is my moto and the healthier the better, good luck to both of you, its lovely you are doing it together. Tell others when the time is right for you too, don't be pressured into saying to others until you are ready.

  • PS Its only a dirty secret if you go splashing through muddy puddles ;)

  • I've not told anyone not really sure why but I quite like doing something for me, when I want at the pace I want! :)

  • what would be hilarious is if you could get them into a park at the same time as the fun run and then just tell them that you fancy a go at entering ....

  • Haha like your style :) It would be like Candid Camera but your probably too young to know that program.

  • I too have only told the other half. Initially this was because I thought I would not stick at it. Getting harder to keep quiet about it, people keep asking me if I have lost weight. At the moment I can still honestly answer no but I know I look slimmer!

    May have to start owning up to it now.

  • I am a ardent user of social media, I sometimes joke with my husband that if I haven't instagramed or facebooked an event then has it really happened...?! So, my runs have been posted about, photos of Auckland sunrises and sleepy rainy streets have been instagramed and I have texted my running friends to let them know how I'm going! ;) In all seriousness though I used it as a form of accountability, if I kept people up to date on how I was getting on with my running, then I was more likely to keep going.

    It worked for me! :)

  • Keep it a secret! Then, one day, pass round the sponsor form for a 5 or 10k. You may get loads of sponsorship based on the belief that you will not do it. Who will have the last laugh?

  • I think this is kind of what I was thinking!

  • I told my husband and sons at the start but I only told my parents after week 5. I told friends that I thought would give me support. One especially who is a runner said that a friend of her had done the same thing last year and still runs. She always asks me how it's going and is interested not just being polite!

  • I was quite open about doing the C25K and my husband has been very supportive, as have the medics who advised me to lose weight and get exercise. Sadly, people in my area (neighbours etc) have repeatedly been trying to put me off doing both. I have taken to going out very early in the morning when it is easier to avoid people who have been hell bent on trying to spoil my enjoyment of C25K. Thankfully, I will be moving out of this area in a few weeks and then I can continue with it in a more supportive environment.

    Good luck with your programme and tell people when the time is right for you.

  • I kept it a secret from most and then posted the photo when I had done the 5k! I didn't want to tell people I was doing it in case I failed!

  • I have told people (for the same reason as Chrismatlotta - I thought I would be more likely to stick with it)... there was disbelief to start with but no-one was negative ... however, since they have noticed that I have stuck with it (and look slimmer) there are now 3 work colleagues who have stared it and another who has downloaded it and promises she will start soon!!!

  • oops that should say 'started' it!

  • Now you have graduated you have an achievement to brag about. Time to out yourself, methinks!

  • In my experience those that put you off are inevitably those that are jealous that you are beginning to look good! Let you body do the talking-you can't hide the effects of C25K!

  • Keep it a secret until you are ready to pass on the sponsorship forms for your 5k run! I kept it a secret from a few friends who are way!!! too much into their own exercise regimes and subtly "looking down" on others (like me) who are not that fit. They post exercise info on social media constantly!! Every crunch, every squat, every pushup, every calory lost, needs to be communicated..anyway..their "news" last week was..ooooh we ran 5k in 31 minutes blabla. When they saw my Race for Life photos, they were amazed and said that that they did not even know I ran... I told then, that I simply was not a "broadcaster". This week I completed 5k in 29.05mins....I won't tell them, but I am feeling very, very smug:-))).

  • We didn't tell anyone apart from our 2 sons one of wqhom had been the person who suggested we try running. We told no-one at all until after W5 R3 then I put on my Facebook page that we'd run for 20 minutes with a small pic. I got very interesting responses. My closest and fittest friend whom I though would have been delighted wrote "arggh you could just have posed for that" :-( I'd been on a total high that day proud at having run for so long that when I read that I cried. Other friends and family who didn't have much to say I truly think were jealous. Now I don't care what any of them think! I just remember I'm a runner and no-one can take that away from me.

  • Running is a very private thing for me - a private joke really. People make assumptions about what else you can do if you can run and whilst I would like it to be so, it isn't (yet) My husband was quietly very anti when he realised (the red face for hours after gave it away) I also didn't want to become a fitness bore!

  • I haven't told anyone either, not even my lovely husband who has had to endure many of my get- fit-get-thin schemes over the years.

    It's still early days and I've never consistently stuck to any exercise regime before but somehow this feels different (with Laura) and deep down I'm quietly excited about it.

    I look forward to my runs so I'm afraid if I tell anyone it will be poo-poo'd with their opinions on what I should or should not be doing thereby ruining it somehow.

    This is a precious thing to me and I'm not ready to tell.

    I can perfectly understand anyone keeping it to themselves until they are confident that they are now real runners and the proof that they are is clear to see and not all talk.

    This is what I hope for me, anyway, when I ask my husband to join me on one of my increasingly frequent "walks"

  • I kept it quiet from family and friends until I'd done week 5. By then the cat was out of the bag locally - neighbours had seen me going out and I'd passed a few people I normally see when I'm walking the dog. I've been very fortunate - everyone has been very supportive and encouraging.

  • Oh I'm so glad it's not just me! I kept this quiet because I never believed I would progress from W1 (currently on W6) and didn't want to tell people only to have to tell them a week later I had to give up because I couldn't do it. Also thought people would just laugh - I am overweight, really unfit and have short legs and big boobs - I've only told a few people and they have ALL asked 'have you got a good bra' - I love my friends!!! It's quite nice having something that is just 'mine' too :)

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