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I've been suffering from cramp in my legs (calves) the last two weeks. I usually get it in the morning when I wake up and stretch my legs. I still have a sore calf now after getting cramp this morning, it feels like a sprain.

This is very unusual for me I've only suffered from cramp a handful of times prior to now, and never had it while doing exercise.

So my conclusion is that it must be the running or perhaps my diet as those are the only things that have changed. I always stretch after I run so not sure what else I could do. Anyone else experience this or have any suggestions?

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Lack of salt can give you cramp so try eating a bag of salted crisps washed down with a long cool drink of water/juice that may help its a quick fix too. If you have had a bad cramp session your leg muscles will feel sore for a good few hours after too. Hope this helps.


Lots of bananas and tomatoes for the potassium content and lots of tonic for the quinine. And lost of stretching- twice a day, every day.

If none of that works add some gin to the tonic which at least will numb the pain a bit!" :)


Oh I drink plenty of gin and tonic already no worries there! Infact I had a few too many last night so I'm thinking maybe dehydration might've been to blame? I'm quite bad for not drinking enough water as I find I need the loo every 2mins. I eat a banana everyday so that takes care of potassium.

I might try adding a bit of salt to my juice after runs so its like an isotonic drink.

Thanks for the advice guys, will certainly try a few things and see if it improves.


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