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Had a 2 week break - not sure where to start now


2 weeks ago I had just completed week 8 run 1 but since then have not run as was on holiday the first week and this week to be honest I just haven't had the motivation. I'm not sure where to start from now? Whether to start from where I left off or earlier in the plan. The last 2/3 runs I did complete but found hard work so don't want to de-motivate myself by trying to start at week 8 run 2 and failing.

Any advice appreciated.


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always a tough one. i'd probably start off by doing w7r3 and then move on. However, if you feel you need to a few more w7 runs do that.

Hope you had a great holiday!


I would drop right back to say week 4 and see how you feel. Get a success under your belt.


Thanks for the suggestions.

Well thought I would just have a go and see how far I got. Only managed 15 minutes - so annoyed with myself.

Going to start from Wk6 Run 1 next time and ease myself back into it.

I was doing so well before my break - even managed a whole 30 mins. Oh well I have managed it before so will do again - positive thinking and all that!

Onwards and upwards lol!


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