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Barefoot in the.....Park

Once upon a time, when I was a young lad (sadly a long time ago) I was a regular runner. Due to the fact that I was somewhat fast and inherently lazy I preferred sprinting. As did most of my peers in the 80's, I usually ran barefoot. At 17 I went to college, discovered women and drink (both in moderation mind) and gave up running at 19.

I am now 40, overweight (temporarily) and hadnt done any serious training in over 20 years. I discovered C25K by accident and said what the heck I'll give it a lash.

I surprised myself by completeing all runs up to W6R2 on schedule..yes the plan does work. I found the last run very tough and although my breathing was fine my legs felt like lead. I set out a 9pm this evening to face W6R3, 25 full minutes of running..scary. On account of having dodgy knees, I have been doing all my runs around the local football pitch. This had reminded me of my early running days, and tonight, for old times sake, I took off my trainers and socks and set off barefoot. It was fantastic, I could not believe how much I enjoyed the run and I finished it without trouble, even stretching out the pace for the last 200 metres. 3.7km in 25 minutes, I am sooo chuffed.

No expensive trainers for me, its barefoot all the way from here (although I really hope nobody sees me)

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Well done on all fronts , getting through the program, your great run for wk6r3 and trying the bare foot running again. Bet your well chuffed with yourself. Congratulations and happy running :)


Wow, well done you. I'd be more worried about stepping in dog s**t than someone seeing me :)


I have been reading about the barefoot running / minimal running shoes as when I run in my gym shoes I would have aches and pains in my feet legs and hip/lowerback, so I tried running in my martial arts shoes that are pancake flat and have had no more problems with aches and pain. I am with you on the barefoot running. I am in Australia and it is now getting cold but still running with barefoot.


I can imagine how it feels with the grass under your feet...bliss.

Just be careful you don't stand on anything and get injured though :( On two occasions I have been in the local minor injuries unit there have been people in who have been barefoot and trodden on something sharp.


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