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Almost Graduated, think i will wait until the next one

Due to missing a Week 8 run as i messed up the Podcast and ran a W9 a run early, i feel i cant graduate until i have made it up. I have had 3 W9 runs, first not too bad, Second the run from hell, the third, not brilliant but better. Decided to go off early on Sunday as we were going to be out for the day and set off without breakfast as i didnt want a stitch. First half not too bad but second half had to really push myself to keep going. At 4k i had run for 24 mins so inline for the 5k, go round the corner into a head wind. Felt myself slowing, so when i got the final minute warning tried giving it the big un, actually pace counter showed that i did just that. so relieved when she said to stop, stopped the GPS and was literally gagging in the street, thought i was going to be sick, but thankfully i wasnt, and also thankfully a lull in the traffic so no one saw me wretching (guess that was the lack of food and the extra effort combined). Recovered and looked at the distance 4.99k. so near yet so far, so i have decided to run one more run and really plan so i have eaten at the right time.

However, the muscles etc around the top of my ankles are aching, the base of my feet are tender and my little toe has a blister right on the bottom of it so its tender just to walk at the moment. Possibly be laying off now until Thursday evening now, so that graduation will have to wait just that little bit longer.

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Blimey, I'd count that as graduated! 3x30 minute runs and 4.99k done!

Know what you mean though....have a good rest day and don't forget to grin when you cross the "finishing line" :)


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