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I spoke too soon!

Well after Sunday evenings run when I said things were still good with my ankle, they haven not been so good since.

Same as before, No major pain, probably a 3 on a scale of 10 and only when I lift my toes of the ground, keeping my heel on it.

I am wondering if the coincidence is that I was of work on holidays when I upped my running and now that I'm back I'm up and down 4 flights of stairs numerous times a day (at home I'm in an apartment so no stairs) as apart from running (which doesn't hurt until after) the stairs are the only thing that aggravate it.

I'm am going to change my schedule I wrote and just go for 20 mins easy...very, then I'm back into work this evening followed by a couple of days off so will just take things as they come.

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Just back, no pain at all running, a little bit stretching and we'll take it from here!


Oh that's good news :)

Keep taking it easy: 20 minutes is great.



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