Where does everyone put their mobile when running? Are there special clothes you can buy for this purpose?


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  • I bought a belt from sports socer which has two zip compartments that I can fit my phone and keys in, it also has a little hole so that you can attach your earphones to your phone or i-pod and only cost about £3.00

  • I stash it down into the front of my sport bra...no movement whatsoever and keeps the earphone leads tidy too ;-)

  • thats ok but I worry about the condensation with me getting so hot :)

    I have an armband thingy for my walkman & havent been confident enough to go without my phone yet.

    did consider the bumbag option but think I would find this too annoying.

  • I used to do that with my keys - till I got running tights with a little pocket at the back..... :-) Glad to know I'm not the only one who uses their bra in this way tho!!

  • Great minds think a like. That's where I carry mine too.

  • The Bra-ket will let you keep your phone in your bra like you're used to doing- but it'll keep it dry from sweat. thebra-ket.com

  • I have an armband but the running tights I wear now (Karrimor) have a little zip pocket below the waist at the back so I use that most of the time.

  • I have a utility belt like Batmans :)

    I don't usualy take the bottles but my local store only had this type.


    Doh has banned me from going to Sports Direct now

  • whats it like running with one of these on? does it make you hot & sweaty round the waist?

  • I have the same belt and the answer is - no more than usual :-) .

    I did however hesitate when I first went out with it 'loaded up' with the 2 bottles, as my lovely 17 year old remarked 'those bottles are just where your ovaries are'. NB he is NOT a biologist - though he is hoping to be a designer, so maybe that was his ergonomics training coming through.

    I too have shunned the bottles now :-)

  • I don't find it sweaty, the bit that goes against the body is padded mesh. I tried it with one bottle yesterday when I was running during the day (as opposed to 6am!), it wasn't heavy or uncomfrtable. These are sooo much cheaper from sports direct, they have armband type ones too.

  • Oh dear,you made me buy stuff ! I'll get told off now.............

  • Thats why the parental lock is set up for sports direct on my PC. An alarm goes off on doh pc if I get close!

  • I also often put my MP3 player in my sports bra! It does get covered in sweat, but so far has continued to work fine. I used to wear a jacket when running, as I started in January when it was really cold, so I used to put it in the inside pocket of that, but I am now finding I am always too warm if I wear it. If I am wearing my "sale" running trousers, they have no pockets, so it goes in the bra, but if I am wearing my posh capri pants, they have a little zip pocket at the back above the waist. I am hesitant to put my phone in my bra just because of the radiation thing (stupid, I know, cuz I hold it to my head!) so I am thinking of getting a belt thing soon, because when I finish the podcasts I will be using my phone rather the MP3 player on runs.

  • Just wondering apart from music, why do you take the phone with you?

  • I take it for security really. Oh and it's really handy to use when you've locked yourself out!!!

  • Personally, because it has GPS. I've downloaded the Runkeeper app onto mine, and I can program it to tell me when to start running after the warm-up walk and then to tell me every 5 minutes how long I've been running and how far. I can also download music onto my phone and have it talk over it. I'm going to be using it as soon as I finish the C25K.

  • My foot went over sideways and I broke my ankle walking the dogs across some rough grass. It was getting dark and I had no phone with me. Fortunately I wasn't far from home and managed to hobble back but family told me off big time and ever since I take my phone with me!!

    Scary how such things are so easily done, especially running!

  • I had a freak accident 2 years back, was just getting of my bike, had one foot on the ground and the other foot almost touching the ground but somehow I lost my balance and just fell back.

    It was a quiet area and laying on the road in the middle of March I was cold, after about 15 minutes realised I had my mobile phone in my pocket, so while still flat on the road, phoned 999.

    As soon as the paramedics arrived they put me on a spinal board with head blocks, just as well as I had broken my back, one of my vertebrae had exploded into 5 pieces.

    If I had not had my mobile I might have been there several hours.

  • I don't have an iPhone but a Blackberry and it has a clip holster that I can clip to the top of my pants. Maybe Apple has something like that? I have also found that I am going out "un-plugged" these days and let my family know what my route is for the trip...if they don't see me in 30 minutes they know where to look :)

  • I use a Hilly bottle belt. It has a padded mesh back so I don't find it uncomfortable. It has handy packets for my inhaler, phone (which I use for music & mapping the run), keys, coins & tissues (hay fever). The version I have also has an emergency contact/health info card inside and an opening to feed the earphone wire through.


    I tried using the back pocket of my leggings for keys etc but found that they started to fall down as I was running which got really annoying and embarrassing.

    I sometimes use an Adidas iphone armband in the gym which has a little key pocket as well as the main phone pocket.


  • Spare a thought for us chaps. I was going to put it in my sports bra too but 'er indoors said "you're not going out like that, and anyway you're having those chicken fillets for your tea." So now I just clip it to my waistband, along with the keys and the iPod etc etc. I'm thinking of getting a SPIB (Small Personal Item Belt) to keep my small personal items in. Not cheap though. Link is at:


  • Ha ha - what a picture that conjours up!!!

    That bag looks pretty neat - or how about a travel money belt which I think someone suggested on another post? You can get them on amazon pretty cheap.

  • Yes, travel money belt is a good idea. Amazon, here I come!

  • I'm using one at the moment but as it's flat I find it a bit fiddly getting phone and keys in and out. At the end of a run it feels like just too much effort.....

  • Yep, I know exactly what you mean. I find the same. Trouble is, I now use the Map My Run app on my phone to track & record my runs so I think I'm stuck with it!

  • I have a cloth neck pouch from Bishopston Trading Company. I thought it would bang about too much but I don't notice it at all. I often carry my wallet and purse with me, plus keys and put them in an Onyaback lightweight rucksack and again, forget about it. Handy to have that if I need to strip off a layer.

    Plus dog whistle, plus training lead plus Muksak with DumpitOnya attached...

    This is travelling light compared with when I started!

  • I got a great top from TK Maxx with two zip up pockets, where I can put my mobile and door key. I think my main excuse before starting the podcasts was "but how will I carry my stuff!" so when I found this top...no more excuses!

  • I bought one of these and I tested it out today, worked perfectly. I don't use my phone for the podcasts or music I just want to have it with me when I run outside. So I slip my phone into this and it's just great, I forgot it was on my arm today.


  • These look a lot more comy than the band I have tried preivously....have ordered on

  • Looks impressive. Have just ordered one for me and for my husband!

  • If you want to travel *really* light-weight and low cost, here is what I sometimes do:

    1) Tiny cheapo MP3 player on the *side* of my sports-bra - less chafing and in-the-way-ness. If you are someone for whom a sports-bra is inappropriate, you can also tuck the MP3 player into the waistband of your pants or underpants.

    2) Take only a single house/car key, if possible. Remove from keyring. Unlace top shoelace hole, thread lace through key and back into shoe. Tie shoe. Key sits snugly and securely over the tongue of your shoe, tucked in the laces, so you can get into your car/house again.

  • That IS a good idea (key attached to shoelace). Must try that.

  • when i was a newbie to running last year, i did the "tucking mp3 layer into waist band" method, was in OZ trying to look cool, running around the harbour. when the nightmare happened, it worked its way down the leg of my running tights, not far enough down so i could retrieve it from the ankle, just far enough so i had to look like plonker and fish it out in public!!!

    the little bags you are all referring too are strictly known as SPI belts (small personal item) you see, i AM cool at last!!! xxx

  • player*

  • Bought some Ron Hill running pants a few weeks back for about £20 and they are great for running in. They have a small pocket at the back for a phone (and pooh bags for the dog that runs with me!). I use my phone for the music, a GPS app which tracks my time, distance, avge spped etc. which is good to check progress. Also have a countdown app to save wearing a watch all the time. Also bought a cheap hi-vis running top and this has two pockets but won't be wearing this when we get our really hot? summer weather.

  • I wanted one of these decathlon.co.uk/smartphone-...

    but they weren't in stock so I got one of these decathlon.co.uk/2-position-... which I'm saving for a mostly running not walking week. As the weather is still cold, I'm just popping it in a jacket pocket with the headphone wire up the inside.

  • I use an Armband for the phone and the pockets at the back of my running tights for my keys....Although at first I couldn't find an armband to fit me ( because I am bigger than the average bear ) but my work mate had one which was just right...You can also check Sports Direct the have a really nice small bag......http://www.sportsdirect.com/karrimor-audio-belt-764834 thinking of getting one myself...

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