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safe maximum heart rate

got my garmin last week & ran this morning. average heart rate 171bpm. max hr recorded 183bpm (may have been drinking or talking at that point)

anyways, am 43 so wondered if this was ok.

It just seems quite high & every time I looked at my watch it seemed to indicate late 170s. the run was ok, not overly hard, but not easy either. just a steady effort run. no big hills to conquer today :)

am I right in thinking that the more breath I get in the lower my heart rate will be? its just that I tried the belly breathing technique that carolec talked about & that gave me stitch!

any advice appreciated.

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Shelley that's around the same as my average heart rate, 170/175 but my recovery time is very good and my resting heart rate is 52 and I'm 49. I'm feeling ok on all the runs too, yes some are harder than others, but I'll be interested to see what other people say as I've been a bit concerned for a while that it's too high but I don't know how to lower it.

I can't possibly run slower than I already do!! :)


my resting heart rate (taken while laying in bed watching the clock tick) is about 57/60. that was done counting my pulse not with the monitor thingy.

thanks though. knowing that its not just me makes me feel better :)

takes about 3 mins for my HR to return to about 125 after a run so thats ok I think.

I did try & research this & found that a recovery run should be up to 135 for me but I can do that walking whilst talking :)


Yes I was glad too when you posted as I thought it was just me too!

Sounds like we are both recovering well, I've also researched it but found nothing out and am just scaring myself with exercise zone pecentages etc so I'm just going to accept it's high and leave it at that.

Hopefully the more we progress and the fitter we get it will go down :)


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