Couch to 5K

Whoopee I ran for five mins, I would of never thought that was possible!!!

we chuffed done week 4run 1 and finished it :) so proud of myself I never would of believed I could ever do that, I felt so good I continued for another half an hour on the rowing machine and bike. Oh I also got fitted for my first running shies yesterday, they were fantasic and recorded my run style and everything so I got the right shoe. Could it be I'm starting to get a bit hooked???? No no surely anti runner me can't possibly be.....

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:) well done, it is amazing isn't it how fast you can progress to running 5 minutes. For me that was a major milestone!

Impressed tthat you carried on on the rowing machine / bike!


Well done, it's a great feeling - glad you're enjoying your new shoes too! :)


hmmm hooked? No sorry I don't think there is anyone here who will understand what you are saying at all ;-)

I just got a pair of insoles moulded for my trainers (40 quid from the Sweatshop), I'm not hooked normal people spend 40 quid on a pair of insoles honest!

Keep up the good work Pricey!


I'm so chuffed for you - it's unbelievable as everyone says trust in the program and you'll be amazed where it will take you. Never thought I'd do the 5 and last Friday I did the 20 truly fantastic!

Enjoy your success and I know it will continue - as they all keep saying listen to Laura and believe in you. Mind over matter and it feels so good.

The investment in the running shoes will just make you even more commited and inspired ;-)


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