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CATCH-UP CORNER...WEEK ONE... Everybody is Welcome...!

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...but it is so warm and comfy, here in the Corner. Nearly time to get out my Winterval cushions and go foraging for a few more logs for the fire.

Slip off your shoes and come on in, grab a cushion, you are very welcome :)

The weather, certainly where I am, has turned. The days are getting shorter and today, we are on the first meteorological day of Winter! I ran yesterday and it was, foggy, and chilly. Cold nose and cold fingers . Toes were fine, but I was really glad to get home:)

I wear layers, I wear half finger gloves, ( arthritis in a few joints) and always my hat and my BUFF ! I dress for the weather, but accept that as the run goes on, I will feel warmer.

So, this got me thinking again. Oh no! I hear you... she is thinking... again!

Well , this is what I thought. As the weather does, for many of us begin to feel a tad chillier, we do need, sensibly to think about what we should wear for our runs.

Okay. Things to consider!


Make sure that you are warm when you set out. Add a few degrees to the actual outdoor temperature, too.

You need to be warm enough, but not too warm !

You'll feel cooler when you begin and warm up as you go on ,

But, do take wind-chill into consideration too ! The wind can make a huge difference to your run!

Maybe increase the warm-up. and shorten the cool down, (do that inside).

Layers are key

A base layer is a great idea... and sometimes compression gear can be ideal. It's thin, so you can add more layers and then a sweat-wicking top. You stay dry and warm and not sweaty and cold!

Your next layers of clothing should be for warmth too. Something that you can unzip or even take off. You might feel this is too much, but if it is very cold, or like me, you feel the cold a tad more, it can be useful.

The Right Shoes...the Right Socks

It sounds daft, but your shoes and the grip too are important... I avoid ice at all costs. But if you are determined to get out there.. then ice grips are always an option. YakTrax for one:)

The socks too are important, sweat-wicking, and warm... ! I have double layer winter ones... loads to choose from out there.

Now, my personal favourite, keep warm areas;

Head, hands and for me, neck!

I have a cap...big brim for rain, sun and snow. I have a thermal beanie for cold and a lightweight balaclava for under my cap, if it is sunny and COLD!

Thermal gloves with touchscreen fingertips:) Or half finger thermal gloves.

My Buff, (other makes available), keeps out draughts, drips, snowflakes and cold !

Post- run.

Get home quickly, out of any wet gear and into a warm shower. If you have a way to get home... make sure you stay warm with a warm drink and add another layer.

Okay., there are just some ideas , for staying warm.

This all sounds really over the top, (I have a vivid imagination), but, when we start this programme, we want to get the runs in, get the weeks done and get to the podium. We may be too over enthusiastic and forget about taking care of ourselves.

I know now, that when I completed C25K in 2015, I was maybe lucky... it was a milder but wet winter, and I was not wearing the gear I have accumulated over the years since... I know better now.

So.... here we are... !

December begins and I know from your posts last week, that many of you are out there, running well and heading for your goals! I just like the idea of us all staying safe and warm :)

We want to hear how it is going and any tips you may have for keeping warm in the days that may follow!

Sit a while here, where it is warm, and share . Looking forward to reading your replies x

Oldfloss xx


We are all different... and what works for me may not be right for you... I am also a fair bit older than many of you too! Listen to your body ! x

41 Replies
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Great post, Oldfloss. This is my first winter running. I’ve treated myself to some Icebug shoes. They’re a Swedish brand and they have studs built into the soles of the shoe - like Yaktrax pre-built in. They’re going for a test run over the weekend - either if it’s icy on the roads or on trail on Sunday. Will let you know what I think

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Vespina

Welcome... Oh my, this is so interesting and useful!

Ice for me and many is a real no-no and sometimes the snow, when compacted can be as much of a problem? I fell once on black ice, not running, and it was horrid.

I shall look those up! Please do let us know how they work out.

Good to see you !

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VespinaGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I’m interested to see how they do. I follow a Swedish runner living in Norway who ran a half marathon on a frozen lake ( which is how I found out about them.

This is a review of them: I managed to get a pair of Pytho shoes from eBay but they do a couple of models with their BUgrip sole.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Vespina

Oh my goodness!!!! I am really unsure about running a Marathon on a frozen lake !!!! I am going to watch these a bit later today...I can't wait to see how they work for you!

Vespina profile image
VespinaGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Not sure I can embed the first one. The runner is called Goran Winblad and the video is Running a marathon on pure ice. He’s a great YouTuber.

Vespina profile image
VespinaGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Just checking in after a very muddy test run in the shoes. Very comfortable and pretty excellent grip in the wet. It’s about 5C here at the moment so no ice yet but this bodes well so far.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Vespina

This sounds good...there is a fair bit of mud around me sometimes...Well done you xxx

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Thanks for the timely post! I was out in freezing fog earlier. I changed my route to stay off lanes with traffic and no pavement, I kept closer to home, put on my brightest hi viz and kept it super short. I actually ended up getting pretty hot! It is hard to get right and I like having a thin jacket with zipped pockets so I can take things off without fear of losing them and tie it around my waist if needs be.

The Nike Run Club app has a nice guided run with the lovely Coach B called “a cold run”. Lots of tips for cold weather running. It might bit long for couch to 5kers to run all of (45 mins) but it could be part of a run with some walking too. The key one for me was that sometimes the best run really is no run at all if conditions aren’t right.

My personal top tip is to watch your pace! It’s very easy to accidentally speed up if it’s cold. I certainly did today-maybe it was psychological because I wanted the run to be over more quickly (stupidly because it was a timed run!!) and I was puffing hard at times. I had to force myself to slow down!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to MissUnderstanding

Hello. Comfy cushion is here for you :) You sound like me,,, start off a tad chilly? and end up peeling off!

The thin jacket too, unzip, and pockets, is great for gloves or neck warmers etc and yes, wrap around your waist . I have two lightweight ones, bright colours, and showerproof but breathable.

Thanks for that heads up for CB and the cold run, and yes, you are right, it could be adapted by our newer runners! I am going to give that a go, but maybe not on a day like today,,, dense fog here and 1 degree ! Like you, I'll go for short and sweet !

Great point about pace ! Running faster to stay warmer... and pushing too hard, thank you for raising this and the High Viz comment too. I did not refer to this as it might be in a later post, but it is good to remind folk that the dark mornings and earlier evening, mean that we do need to be really aware of how visible we are.

Thank you for popping in, we shall see you here again soon, I hope? xxx

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MissUnderstandingAdministrator in reply to Oldfloss

I love popping in to catch up corner, with its cozy cushions and warm atmosphere!

I’m finding at the moment, because of the mist I’m pretty much constantly in my hi vis. I went for a walk about 3pm today but I still took a head torch and wore my brightest jacket. Apparently the fog is going to lift here but I’d always rather be bright than fashionable.

When it was hot, I was yearning for the weather to turn cold and now that it has, I wish it was just a bit warmer when I’m setting out. There’s definitely a lot of stripping off mid run. It’s so hard to gauge how hot you’ll get and id definitely rather take things off than be caught out chilly on the way back, especially if it’s a decent cool down walk to get home.

This is the view I had. There was definitely some dramatic beauty in the gloom!

Fog over a field with a house in the distance
Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to MissUnderstanding

That is beautiful... I have some similar ones from the other morning! The fog and mist add a strangely mysterious feeling to the day, especially across fields. I love it ! x

You are so right, safety before fashion, always. Being seem at all times...and yes, so important to know when you are on a cool down , that home is not too far away.

LiisaM profile image

Really good post, Oldfloss! Very appropriate for the time. Regarding buffs, I also wear mine in the house. I can't help but think it helps keep colds and flu away when one's throat is toasty under a buff; I know it might not be scientifically sound, but I just feel better with my buff on. What I'd like to know is: do men wear buffs, too?

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

Hello... good to see you on your cushion x

I agree, a buff is pure comfort! I don' wear mine indoors but I can see why you would and you do get some really cold and snowy weather don't you.

My Nan used to say that keeping your throat warm was really essential ! That and my liberty bodice!

Men and Buffs? I need to get a poll out ! My man does... for cycling and walking and generally keeping toasty warm with no draughts!

Great posts and we will have to follow that up xxx

Annieapple profile image

Lovely to be part of the fireside chat Oldfloss! My buff in winter is like a comforter & certainly makes getting out the door a whole lot easier…the layering you describe enabled me to run in -13 whilst on holiday in Canada.. once it gets colder than that, I hibernate 🤣 No excuses for me here in the NE.

I have to agree with MissUnderstanding that it’s tempting to run too fast in the beginning of the run to get warm…I have to deliberately guard against that otherwise I end up running out of steam very quickly.. I do a longer indoor warm up to guard against that…(🤣 my hubby reckons I spend more time layering & warming up than I do running!)

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Annieapple

Hello. Good to see you on your cushion!

Another buff fan and my goodness, you would need it and those layers.. -13!!!! Oh my goodness... and here I am baulking at the idea of 1 degree. The milder weather in November has made me nesh! Hibernation sounds exactly right to me if it gets colder !!

You are right in your comments about running too fast... I never thought to mention that, ( maybe because I am a slow snail).

The layering and warming up for an age I can relate too... I call it faffage... But as you say, you are layering and for our new runners as well as us, it is key. Lots of bargains around and even ordinary gear could act as part of layering?

Thank you for popping in, you are always welcome!

Dendev75 profile image

Hi Oldfloss,

This post is perfect - just right for me right now (and many others). I’ve only started my running journey this year and have yet to run through the winter season; I’ve joined a running club to motivate me to get out through the week and also have a safe run in the dark evenings. It’s been so cold when we’ve started; to the point where I ask myself ‘am I mad doing this’? But once I start running - I’m warm - even when we finish and do our group warm down I’m still warm enough. I do feel like I need to invest in a good running hat though - one which keeps my ears warm as I get earache in the cold. I’ve found a cap style with a space for my ponytail and also an optional fold down part where I can cover my ears if I wish or fold back up if I’m too warm. I didn’t think about warmer socks to be honest but now I have, they’re on the list too.

Thanks for sharing, it’s always much appreciated 🥰 x

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Dendev75

Hello and welcome. You have got all the delights of winter running to come, and some great ideas here in the replies to help keep you safe, and warm!

Running with a group is a great idea. safety and if you all run close together... not too close :) warm too :) I am sure many of us have that, " am I mad ", moment ! But no,, we are not and you most certainly are not!

Yes.. a hat... I know the ones you mean... Trail Heads, the brand of my running cap do them... I am waiting to see if they come down in price though! I think I need to get one... I use my thin balaclava under my cap currently. I really dislike cold ears and face! Earache is horrible. I suffer with sinus issues too in cold weather... I think sometimes I must look like Burglar Bill!

Does your cap flaps come over your cheek bones too?

Warm socks.. essential for me... warm toes.

Thank you for the ideas and for popping in, you are always welcome :)

Dendev75 profile image
Dendev75Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

The Burglar Bill comment made me chuckle 🤭 after doing a very cold and icy park run this morning I’m definitely ordering that cap with ear covers - I’ll check out if it covers the cheeks too - although cold and it taking some time to feel the body and breathing warming up - it was a beautiful sunny morning ☺️ x

Jell6 profile image

I was out yesterday, a 3 layerer! When I have to start adding layers it always makes me think of SaskAlliecat out there in Canada. Now she knows how to layer🤣🤣🤣

SaskAlliecat profile image
SaskAlliecatGraduate in reply to Jell6

The Queen of layering here 😆. Unfortunately between ice, wind, injury and unsafe temperatures my winter outside running has been lax. Someday I will find my mojo and get out there again. I purchased a new treadmill that allows me to run while exploring beautiful areas around the world (iFit enabled) last year and it has helped to keep me moving somewhat, but I do miss those frozen eyelashes and the rush of running outside in the cold Canadian prairie winter.

Jell6 profile image
Jell6Graduate in reply to SaskAlliecat

What's not to miss?🤣🤣🤣Hope you are safe and well🥰

Frozen eyelashes
Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jell6

This is scary!

SaskAlliecat profile image
SaskAlliecatGraduate in reply to Jell6

We are healthy but have been through a lot these last 2 years with the loss of too many people of importance to us. I have found it hard to get out the door running but take every little run/walk/hike that I can right now. My focus is on being kind to myself and giving myself grace during these difficult times while still trying to move, as little as it may be. Who knows, maybe I’ll get some frosty eyelashes again this year, but I think I’ll wait until it warms up a bit. It is currently -23°C with a windchill of -37°C - that is even too cold for me 🥶🤣

Jell6 profile image
Jell6Graduate in reply to SaskAlliecat

Sorry to hear that, here's hoping for a better 2023❤️

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to SaskAlliecat

You are absolutely the Queen! I remember a post of yours, with new thermal leggings and a thermal over skirt I think.

The joy of Virtual runs on YouTube makes the times when outdoor running is impossible , more bearable and you do have some severe weather !

Miss frozen eyelashes !!! EEEEEK!

Hope all is well with you my friend !

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jell6

Well done you... yes Sask' certainly does know how to layer... I got a lot of tips from one of her posts many years ago!

I layered up yesterday too... very chilly! We are made of strong stuff we runners aren't we!

Jell6 profile image
Jell6Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Stern or daft, or maybe a combination of both.🤣 I prefer running in the colder weather and I do a longer warm up and very slow start, plus thermal leggings, but getting ready does take longer.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jell6

The art of faffage as poppypug would have said ! x

Beachcomber66 profile image

My take away from CB’s Cold Run was to make sure that I run a really slow first 1k on every winter run so that my muscles warm up properly. Winter is often niggle time for me; maybe CB has provided a clue!🙂

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Beachcomber66

A sound plan... to stay slow and stay safe and injury free ! Good to see you and good to know that you are taking time to listen to that body .

Good to see you here x

Beachcomber66 profile image
Beachcomber66Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Hi Floss x,

Apart from my calf problem which showed itself on the GSR, I have been injury free since mid April. Must be a record. Even then the calf didn’t stop me running; I just cut pace and distance down until it was fixed.

With snow forecast for the end of next week there may be trouble ahead. Physio is suggesting the dreadmill..we will see!

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Beachcomber66

Fingers crossed. If push comes to shove the treadmill can have its uses... although not ideal...

Ice is a no no for me and running indoors. with a Virtual Run on my screen can be okay... A favourite of mine, is Old Man's Snow Cave run...a snowy run... without any of the hazards !

Beachcomber66 profile image
Beachcomber66Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

That looks good! I do fresh fallen snow; but that is it. One spinal fracture is enough….

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Beachcomber66

Oh my...too true! That is why I am only looking at it on a screen x

Vespina profile image
VespinaGraduate in reply to Beachcomber66

That’s great advice (I’d expect nothing else from CB). Traffic lights are the bane of my life in this weather. 90 seconds waiting for them to change and I’m all seized up and cold again. I do a run commute so there’s no way to avoid the massive main road - I always have to stop as it’s two sets of pedestrian crossings that aren’t synced. I might have to start jogging on the spot.

Beachcomber66 profile image
Beachcomber66Graduate in reply to Vespina

I have roads crossing some of my long runs; a pain in cold weather..but one of them offers a breather at the top of a hill…so not all bad.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Vespina

Love this... I have been known to run up and down the line of cars in the village when the train barrier is down... it entertains folk!

grumpyoldgirl profile image

Hello Floss et al,I'm still not running😶 but I am using the active 10 app to focus on a brisk walk every day. This topic reminds me of a discovery I made when I last revisited c25k. In the early weeks of c25k I need to dress up much more warmly this time of year than in later weeks! (It was a surprise to me because my first c25k began in April and finished in June so I was plenty warm enough!😅) . Once I could run longer distances I would start each winter run like a Michelin man and end up like a cricket umpire, with assorted tops and jackets tied around my waist, with gloves bulging out of the pockets.

Anyway, just checked with Mr grumpy, and he wore a buff today but got too warm in it. He wore a gilet as his top layer and was happy with that (he's definitely not a fashionista!)

I've got a decathlon version of a buff which isn't as warm but keeps the chill off.

Can anyone recommend some winter leggings, while I've got your attention? Ta x

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Hello and welcome.. sorry for the late reply. The fire is built up and it is very cosy here!

Well done on your brisk walking... if we cannot run, then we do what we are able to keep us feeling in form x

Yes, the sudden transition from the mildest Autumn to this chilly stuff is a tad strange. I have felt cold for a few days now! The layers seem for many of us to be the answer.. it is just finding the right kind!

I have some winter leggings.. all bought in sales on different sites. but the ones i have from Tikiboo are wonderful... Craghoppers have some on sale too...mine have owls on... Lidl are doing some thermal leggings as are Decathlon... there are prices to suit every budget I think... I am a sale queen and usually buy my things before the prices rise..I did get some from Reebok, but they did not seem to be what I wanted !... so if you are a size 12 or M...??

I hope you find some and I am sure there will be other ideas... lovely to see you here x

LeviStubbs profile image

Excellent advice, especially ideas relating to types of clothing and possible brands to look up. My main problem is that even after a walk with my dogs I tend to become overheated and I sweat a considerable amount. I will try to take on board your ideas if funds permit or the charity shops have suitable clothing in stock.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to LeviStubbs

There are quite a few bargains around...Lidl especially.

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