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Tim's run

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I knew I wouldn't be able to run tomorrow so decided to kick everyone out of bed early today and get to Parkrun. It was lovely, grey and cold, no music or audiobooks, just the other parkrunners, birds and my own thoughts. I'll forever be grateful to C25k, everyone on this forum and particularly Tim for the advice and encouragement that has enabled me to find this joy.

14 Replies
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Congratulations MOuse on your run today at parkrun in memory of Tim, that's a beautiful place to run judging by your photo.

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M0useGraduate in reply to AlMorr

It's a lovely spot & much more peaceful than my usual main road route.

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Hats off, M0use , for making it to a parkrun! It does look like a very nice place to run in Tim's memory.

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M0useGraduate in reply to ChannelRunner2

A beautiful spot, I always feel lucky when I manage to get there.

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Super run x I will add the photo to the folder I am compiling of all the locations that Tim's support took folk! What area , roughly, is this beautiful place in, please

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M0useGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Carmarthenshire South Wales. Sorry, meant to include that in my post 😊

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to M0use

Thank you !

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This is lovely Mouse, well done on your park run too. ☺️

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M0useGraduate in reply to Dendev75

Thanks, it's a beautiful spot 🤗😊

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Beautiful 🥰

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Gorgeous photo of your run for Tim.Well done M0use.


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What a run, good to remember Tim who inspired advis d and encouraged too

M0use profile image

Remembering those words of advice and encouragement is truly his legacy.

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A lovely post M0use, well done on getting out to parkrun! You’re so right about the forum, it’s been pivotal in helping me get through C25K at the age of 66 and since! But some seem to be able to go above and beyond in how they give support and guidance and Tim was one such person! He will be remembered!

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