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which week shall I restart on?

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I had a knee injury and I was a confident coach to 5k graduate - still slow but comfortable at running 5 k 2/3 times a week. i haven't run since May - feeling very unfit and have put 12lbs on ad wanting to start again - question is which week shall i start the coach to 5k programme on - want to build back up but with the structure of the C25k but don't think i need to go back to week 1?

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What I'd suggest is to do a run from week 1. If that goes OK, do the first from week 2. Again, if that goes OK, skip forward to week 3. It's all about finding your current level.

Because there's a big jump in running duration from weeks 3 to 4, and you say you're unfit, I'd recommend completing week 3 before moving on to 4.

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Personally I would suggest starting again after 6 months .It's not just about aerobic fitness it's also about succeptability to injury .

You idealy want to re build your strength up gradually .

After all, there is no rush

Do you know what caused your knee injury? Do you know how to avoid it happening again?

In my experience old injuries leave you susceptible to recurrences of the same issue. When I had a knee injury, I spent many months doing strengthening exercises before I could consider running again. Even now I know there is a weakness and possible damage there that could raise its ugly head again if I don't take care.

I restarted C25k from W1R1 and did the whole plan again, just to gently reacustom my legs to the impact, even though my aerobic fitness was still good. If you are aware that your fitness is poor and that you have put on weight (extra loading on your joints) then redoing the whole programme would be my recommendation, along with strengthening exercises.

It might be wise to reacquaint yourself with the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Take care, have fun.

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Nearly-thereGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks for the advice and the link- I am going to start with week 1. My knee injury is to do with my knee cap over extending over the bone. Under a physio sign doing strengthening exercises and he says I can start running again but need to tape my knee

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to Nearly-there

Was it caused by running? In which case all the advice in the guide to the plan on minimising impact is even more pertinent.

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