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Awful awful run 😩

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Week 12 (consolidation run). Last week I managed 5k for the first time I ran for 40 minutes and loved it. I guess I know why I’ve just had an awful run but just wanted to purge and type it out. I wasn’t meant to run today and had 2 pints and a largish meal about 1pm, also I’ve never ran in these temperatures 25c. I started out ok and got to about 15 minutes, felt really rough more out of breath than usual so had a 5 min walk then another 10min run but then the meal started repeating on me and I walked another 10 mins then threw the towel in. Within a week I’ve gone from joyous completion of my first 5k to feeling like I’ve somehow now cheated myself. I’m glad I went for a run but feels like a massive step back.

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I once heard a quote that has stuck in my mind (I don't remember where, but it was an experienced runner): some you win, and some you learn... Sounds to me; this one's a lesson; hot temperatures + few beers + a meal = one tough run

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Jurgen77Graduate in reply to Sensory_Leaf

Yes, it’s an hour on now, and on reflection i was daft to even think the meal/beer and temperature wasn’t going to be a major factor, definitely a lesson today 👍

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You have worked it out yourself, but even if the preparation is less than perfect you can always lower your demands and expectations, which can turn it into a success.

Everything going on in our lives can impact on our performance as a runner. Restedness, hydration and nutrition are at the top of my list of variables that need to be optimised to enable enjoyable running.

This post expands on the theme.

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Jurgen77Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you, that’s a good link and I’ll read the additional link later. I guess so far I’ve followed the podcast and then just tried 3 x 30 min runs for the weeks 10-12, I’ve not given much thought to nutrition or temperature, 25c really caught me out today. I know a heavy meal wasn’t going to help but wanted to stay on track with regular runs, I think I’ll have to structure a plan beyond this week around all of the various elements, I’ve learned a lesson today 👍

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WindozeGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

The guru 🙏 speaks sense

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Don't let it put you off, I had an awful run on Saturday - what I was hoping would be my return to 5K after injury turned out to be a new slowest personal best and walked half of it lol.

Every km run is better than no km run. 15 mins is better than 0 mins.

You ran 25 mins in all, no so long ago you would have been over the moon with that - chalk it up to a lesson learned - onwards and upwards!

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Jurgen77Graduate in reply to backintime

Now I’ve reflected for 30mns I’m really glad I did something, you’re right. I think it’s mainly the temp that’s caught me out, hopefully later in the week will be cooler and I’ll get back to a better level again, 👍

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Jell6Graduate in reply to Jurgen77

Mainly the temp... that made me chuckle 😆. Apologies 🤣🤣🤣

I’m just back from a week 8 run which was awful so I’m feeling your pain at the moment. It’s hard to not get disheartened but we must look onwards and upwards to the next one. I just keep thinking “couldn’t get any worse than that run”

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Jurgen77Graduate in reply to Gagsy

Yep defo feeling disheartened, but you’re right of course, just focus again and chalk it off

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It happens to us all. Still far better than sitting on the couch. Forget it and look forward to the next one!

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Jurgen77Graduate in reply to Maz1103

That’s the way I think I have to approach it, only a few weeks ago I was struggling to get to 10 minutes

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Maz1103Graduate in reply to Jurgen77

Exactly...I wanted to vomit after 60 seconds my first time. Now I can happily keep going for over an hour. I'm running by heart rate at the minute which is interesting... less recovery time and could keep going indefinitely.

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Jurgen77Graduate in reply to Maz1103

Last week I slowed pace down and had a great run, stopped at 40 minutes but felt like I could’ve continued, heart rate is an interesting one, I noticed mine fluctuates between 130 and 150 during the 30 mins, sometimes it’s 150 after first 5 mins then drops slightly but goes up again in the last 5 mins, one day I’ll understand the science behind it all 🙂

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Maz1103Graduate in reply to Jurgen77

It fascinates me. I am doing an average of 135bpm at the moment but so much slower than my natural pace.

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Jurgen77Graduate in reply to Maz1103

I’ve noticed when I dropped my pace and did that much longer run last week (which I really enjoyed) my bpm never really got above 140, slow pace is the way forward for me to build the stamina

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The heat is a killer for me, I’d prefer to run in the cold or even rain than hot sun!! Just doesn’t work for me, affects my breathing and generally just makes it so much harder! I’m on week 9 and feel very much like the chances of running 5k non-stop are slim while this lovely weather is here, but even running and walking as you described, or just running 3k for example is better than the nothing I was going sitting on my bum watching tv!! Don’t give yourself a hard time. I’m actually impressed you tried to run after beers and a big meal!! Doubt I’d have even got my trainers on 😂 One last thing - yesterday because I knew it was going to be hot I got up at 6.30am and did my run first thing - lovely and quiet and not too hot. May be worth trying if heat effects you. X

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Jurgen77Graduate in reply to MrsRobbo2009

I definitely underestimated the heat, that’s not a bad idea about morning running, I tend to run of an evening, I’m off this week so will give that a go 👍

You could vary the times now? 30 minutes is a good time to keep moving but there are days when less is best If you like running to the podcasts maybe give Nike Run Club a go, they have a guided run for every situation, there’s even a 1 minute run, I worked my way through the 20 minute runs recently.

Then, if you feel a couple of pints and a meal heavy inside or for any other reason you can still run but pick a shorter run, there is loads of different runs, just because we can run for 30 minutes doesn’t mean we have to every time..... I can run 10k but I’ve only done that a couple of times,

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Jurgen77Graduate in reply to WillowandSola

I’ll try that app then, not done much research beyond the c25k app, but that sounds like something I’d be interested in - thanks 👍🙂

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Jurgen77

The 20 minute runs certainly reignited my enthusiasm so worth a go, you can turn off their music playlist if you want and start your own music first and it fades in and out when talking is going on

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Jurgen77Graduate in reply to WillowandSola

Thanks for that tip, just downloaded it 👍

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The beer and meal won't have helped, but heat was probably your biggest enemy. I have done quite a few 5k runs since I finished C25k but the one I did on Monday evening was the hardest yet - it was the first time I'd run in such temperatures. Conversely, my fastest and most enjoyable 5k to date was run in a hailstorm!

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Jurgen77Graduate in reply to Mikew84

Yes I’ve been reading about heat effect a bit more and also hydration, still got a lot to learn about this running stuff, but I’ll not make that mistake again ie beer,food and heat

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Probs the heat. Were (in the UK) not really used to it. I generally slow and shorten my runs. I have a HM in July i run every year. Long runs in heat are killers.

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Jurgen77Graduate in reply to Windoze

Good to know, I felt like I had a lung missing, I was genuinely surprised by my lack of pace and stamina, fortunately it looks like temperatures will dip a bit after tomorrow

Hi Juergen,

I had a similar run yesterday. My body just wasn’t rested enough, I’d walked 15k the day before and had a few pints too that night. Next day was hot but I went out anyway.

Has to keep stopping to walk, felt awful but managed to get 5k done.

Not every run is going to be brilliant is the lesson here, and not running after a big meal with beer too 😀

For me. I’ve got a 10k on July 4th so I’m cutting out the alcohol till then (mostly) and need to stay hydrated too, and not run in full sun.

Good luck. Your next run will be awesome.

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Jurgen77Graduate in reply to Bladerunner2049

Thank you, it’s certainly woke me up to hydration and what I eat/when I run which is probably a good lesson 🙂

Alas you should not have run after a meal and in hot weather. I guess you have learnt a few lessons.

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