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Crossing the road

I know this sounds a bit weird, but how do i cross a road? Those of us over 30 know how to cross a road safely having benefitted from the advice of Darth Vader (Dave Prowse) but how do I cross a road when I am on a running section. I went out yesterday on my route, I left 10 minutes later so the traffic had built up, 1 car every 10 minutes instead of 1 car in the whole run, but I got to a crossing point during a 5 minute run section, I didn't want to stop and I didn't want to get run over, so I just jumped up and down on the spot.

Any advice?

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I just jog on the spot or try to avoid crossing roads as much as possible! I have found going running early morning (5.30-6am) is much better because there's very few cars about. Or if there's any parks near you, you could go there instead to avoid cars?


In the early stages of the c25k program it is probably best to just run a loop around a block of streets if you can. When I did mine I found this to be so distracting that I chose to either walk (or drive!) to an area with a traffic free route - this allowed me to concentrate better.

Then, when the runs got longer I used to concern myself with my pace and time but... with familiarilty I realised that I am not trying to set an Olympic record. Better to stop and wait, and not get run over. It won't make that much difference in the scheme of things. If you are going out for shaving a few seconds off your personal best then a traffic free route is a better idea.

One thing that surprised me is how careful you must be of people reversing from their drives - they will look for pedestrians but they don't seem to notice runners - I have had a few near misses. Busy folk late for the school run - often with kids jumping about in the car - can be very dangerous.

If it is all about the Personal Best - I tried a Park Run - fantastic way to go for a 5k "race" with no fuss or setup.


I hate crossing roads! I feel so daft hopping up and down on the spot! Often though, drivers will stop and let me cross. It's horrid though and I'm not sure I get it right yet.


Roads !! ARGH!! Hate crossing them, don't have many on my route but one is on a corner and I just have to take a far so good! ;) I don't jump up and down or jog on the spot as I feel silly!!


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