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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


How's everyone doing? I dared to step on the scales this morning and in spite of a steady diet of cheese, chocolate, and wine, I managed to lose half a kilo! This running malarky has some great benefits.

I've been doing a consolidation month through December. I signed up for a 30 mile challenge and that's helped keep me ticking over through the holidays. I've even managed to start running outside a bit more. Mainly because I'm bored of the treadmill. I downloaded Zwift to make it more interesting but it's still a bit dull.

I'm starting the 10k trainer (Zen Labs app) in January and I have signed up for a 50 mile challenge. Quite a daunting jump but I figure the format of c25k worked and it's really similar - time based rather than distance so working up to running 60 minutes.

So I guess I should start posting in the Bridge to 10k community....eek!

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The bridge is a great community you will fit in no problem. The main reason for the two forums is upping from 5-10km running has a few technical aspects to it, it is more about strength, fuel and hydration.

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