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Week 9 Run 2 (I think?)

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After run 1 I was feeling great but then life got in the way. Between sick kids and getting sick myself it has been nearly 3 weeks. So, I got out there this morning for run number 2.

And it hurt! My goodness did it hurt. But I kept going. At just over 20 minutes I was ready to stop, but I picked a point further ahead that I knew I could reach and just aimed for that. When I reached that point, I did the same again. By then it was only 2 minutes to go so I just kept going. It was more of a shuffle than a run but I was moving. And I made it!!

A quick look at the heart rate graph explains why it hurt so much. Distance-wise, somehow it was only 100m less than last time. A day or two of rest and on to the next one!

PS - does this count as run 2 with so much break in between? Am I ready to graduate?? Maybe that can be a Christmas present to myself on Tuesday 😊

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Congratulations, yes you are ready to graduate 🎓, enjoy your graduation run on Christmas Eve🎄, that will be the best moment of the year for you and will make you happy and warm for a very relaxing day on Christmas day, Merry Christmas to you iemo🎄😊🤶🎅

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So glad you are better... it is a run of course, and well done. But...please... do slow down...You should be aiming to run comfortably and enjoyably at this stage and not pushing at all.

Try to land lightly and breathe gently..If you are struggling, then slow down more and relax into the runs. Reach that podium safely!

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