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In recovery from ankle pain

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Wednesday's run was a washout as my ankle started hurting. I think I overdid things at my fitness class the day before! Felt really gutted as this had never happened before. However, today I tried again, and was able to complete a 31 minute run with no problems. Feel quite elated! Am slowly increasing time/pace, but still only managing about 3.65 km per run. But I'm still running....

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Good and sensible running... gently does it coming back from a painful one. Keep on running and getting that elation!

That's a lovely feeling when you realise you don't have to stay on the Injury Couch after all! Whoopee! And don't worry about speed, when you start focusing on speed that's when you are more likely to injure yourself - keep plodding on and your speed will naturally increase.

Happy Running! 😊🏃💪

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