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W5 r3


So after a very traumatic 5 weeks have resumed - repeated w5 r2 then did r3 - yay!

Daughter ended up having 5 hour surgery to remove over a metre of colon followed by stoma bag. She was devastated beforehand but is now amazingly positive - it is reversible but she is not sure whether she would - with Crohn’s it could flare up elsewhere which would possibly mean another operation - also they did a fantastic job - keyhole and so no big vertical scar which you often see - and as she says, she can go to the front of any toilet queue now!

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Sorry to hear about your daughter Yoga rules but glad it sounds like she is doing well. I don't know if she is familiar with Hannah Witton on YouTube - she is a big youtuber who had the same operation earlier this year and has done a lot of really encouraging and informative content about it, might be worth checking out!

Whoa, what a few weeks! Your dear daughter - at least they were able to help her. ❤️❤️

As for your great run, I bet you needed that. It’s cathartic isn’t it? And that 20 minuter is a great landmark, so well done you! 👏👏👏

Well done on returning to running!

Your daughter is one brave lady to cope so inspiringly and positively with the cards that life has dealt her. Sending very best wishes to her


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