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Healthy heart rate

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Hi. I just completed couch to 5k and treated myself to a fitbit which monitors heart rate and I find that it's very high at certain times during the run although I'm sure that when I started the course I was considerably more puffed out! I was proud of myself for really going for it but am now dubious as to whether I've been overdoing it and putting strain on my heart. I don't want to curtail my running if I can help it having come so far. Any advice please?

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We all have our own personal heart rate levels. They talk about average ranges but they don’t fit everyone. My maximum heart rate is 188, none of the fitbits or garmin go near that amount. 😀. The main thing is how do you feel when it is high? If you can still run, your body is not screaming at you to slow down and you can carry on then you are not at your personal maximum. Over time you will build up your own picture and understand your own levels. As with any exercise never carry on if you are having trouble breathing or pains In Your chest or feel dizzy or Anything that makes you worry about your heart. If you are worried get it checked but if it is just the stats that are worrying you I would monitor the situation and see how you progress.

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Thank you for your reassuring words!

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The heart will be getting stronger just like the legs! Go for it. Mankind had run for a fair while before these devices came out. Good to have, but if you’ve graduated your heart is ready for its next challenge. You’ll notice that the workload on the heart reduces as you continue.

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Listen to Realfoodieclub .. we are all different:)

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