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57 year old male insulin dependant diabetic (type2) need to lose weight and get a bit of fitness back in my life. Hello to you all out there.

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Welcome - I started to get a bit of fitness back in my life too! Tons of great tips and helpful advice here!!


Hi and welcome! You’ll be amazed how quickly your fitness builds using this clever programme. Not necessarily weight loss in the early weeks, but you will be more toned and your body will change shape for the better!

All sorts of helpful folk on here, so any concerns or questions, you’re sure to get an answer! Plus everyone’s super friendly!

Happy running! 😀🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️😀


Hello, nice to have you along for a run! You can do this! Just be careful with your 'levels', eat properly and listen to your body. We call it running, but really it's just a nice little jog, it's not a race. Do what you can and have fun.

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Thank you for your warm welcome.


Hello Anydboy. Welcome. I’m a few years older than you, an asthmatic post breast cancer. I graduated and am now proud to call myself a runner. You’ll love the C25k plan. Looking forward to seeing your posts. Enjoy.


Welcome to the group - lots of great support and advice here from super-friendly folk who want you to do well.


Hello! 👋🏼 Welcome! Lots of advice and support on here, we’re a friendly bunch. Take it easy and at your own pace, the programme is great. (And watch out, it’s addictive...)


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