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Shin splints advice

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I'm hoping someone can give me advice...I've had shin splints for a couple of months now. I completed c25k about a month ago and had a couple of weeks rest. All seemed ok until I tried running again then the aches and pains came back immediately. So I got new trainers from a proper running shop, still no joy. Decided to leave it another 2 weeks. Feels a lot better but can still feel a niggle when walking and worry it's going to come back as soon as I start jogging. I've heard I need to rest the calf

muscles but also heard to do strengthening exercises. Are you supposed to do the strengthening exercises while you're resting ie not running or after waiting a number of weeks of complete rest?

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I had shin pain at the beginning of the programme, not sure it was shin splints, probably just my legs getting used to things, but I did and still do find running in compression socks helps, I won't run without them now.

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AnitacstrongGraduate in reply to Visionon

Yes I had aches and pains at the start too but they only lasted a day or 2 whereas these are different and as soon as I put pressure on them afterwards they hurt. I bought compression socks last week and wore them for netball they seemed to help a bit. Will continue with this (although not great in this heat!) Do you wear yours the day after too to aid recovering? I was going to but it's been too darn hot!

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VisiononGraduate in reply to Anitacstrong

No I take them off after running, as you say its a bit hot at the moment... The way you describe your pain, sounds different to what I had, might be worth a visit to the sports physio...?

Have you seen this. In last month's runners world there was an article about using kinetic tape for shin splints so may be worth looking into something like that.

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AnitacstrongGraduate in reply to ancientrunner

Thanks I will have a read

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