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Feeling great

After what feels like an age (probably about a month) with no running due to a sore ankle I decided to give W1R1 a go this morning as the ankle has been feeling better lately. We'll I completed the run with no issues and it feels great to be running again. I'm still going to take it slowly and do a W2 run before resuming where I left off. Fingers crossed I can now complete the program.

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Well done for getting back into the saddle. Injuries are annoying! Where were you in the program before? Have you looked at any injury free running websites? There are loads. I’ve been looking because I found out my running style was not good. I like It’s Australian but has a lot of useful vids. Good luck!


Hi Simon. I had only reached week 4 prior to the injury. I'll check out the site you have recommended. I will hopefully pick up some good tips.

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