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Shin Splints...Someone please help !!


Hi All, I was plodding away quite nicely on c25k and got to Wk4 Run 2, when Shin Splints flared up. I have often felt them but just a very niggly pain but this was legs are in absolute agony at times.

I laid off the training a bit for a couple of weeks, went to run on Monday and honestly, i felt like i could of run a 5k there and then, however i kept my pace down and just did the c25k run (went back to a week 3 run) and then had a walk afterwards.

Beautiful evening yesterday, couldn't wait to run and instantly burning pain in my legs..out of nowhere, they had been fine since my run on Monday.

Would love to hear from people who have maybe had the same and how they get round it as this is really getting me down.

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I got a serious shin splint which stopped me running. I could hardly walk sometimes. The pain at times was unbearable so I had to go to the doc and then wait for a physio appointment

The pain comes from inflammation so get a handle on that. I got strong anti inflammatory pain relief from the doc, I elevated my leg and rested it with ice on it whenever I could. Ice seemed the best thing. I had to wait ages for a physio appointment and I couldn’t run during that time .

Treatment was only exercises to strengthen the calf. Heel raises , heel drops, foot lifts, lunges to strengthen the arch of the foot. Six weeks of those four times a day. Once I could run again it was just for two minutes every third day

Once the pain subsides you can begin the calf strengthening exercises

It might be a good idea to see the doctor for a referral as you are assuming shin splint

Good luck 🙂

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