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Need help with Shin Splint


Hello, I am new here, and need an answer to this. During musical theater (yes, I'm really sorry it doesn't have to do with the group) my lower leg pain started, mostly because I am running across hunched on four legs. Throughout the week, pain started, and it was getting worse and worse. Yesterday, it hurt bad, but I could walk. Today, I was limping a bit, and it got so bad when i was moving that I nearly lost character. I can't stop preforming, as we only have a couple of shows left. I want to know what's the worst that can happen when I keep going after 2 shows, and if it's really worth seeing a doctor. It says to just rest, but the pain is getting bad. The soonest I can see a doctor is maybe three days from ow, after my performances.

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RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation...

The question is whether it will do any lasting damage. Shin splints usually do heal up once the root of what caused the injury is removed or the weakness in your body is strengthened. A sports physio may be a better alternative to the GP. In the interim i would check out the links that ziggy has recommended and do some stretching exercises as often as you can. They won't cure it in a few days but they may ease the suffering and will help long term.


For short term, using a roller to roll your calfs and compressing and icing your legs when you get a chance to rest between shows!!

In the longer term, give yourself time to properly rest and some calf exercises can strengthen your muscles- weak calfs are one of the causes of shin splints, and doing a new repetitive exercise with a lot of strain on your lower legs!

I hope they feel better soon, having experienced them a lot myself :(


OMG! What a problem! Rest is the real answer but the show must go on I suppose. Anti-inflamms can take weeks to kick in but you could take some for their painkilling abilities. Neurofen, some stronger ones which you could get from the doctor. Ice is brilliant. You could fill some paper or polystyrene cups with water and freeze them. Turn them out and rub all over your shin. they last about 10 minutes before melting completely. Keep it moving so you don't burn your skin. The ice packs from the chemist are ok but they don't last very long, they seem to thaw out in minutes.

If you only have two shows to do you will probably manage it but once done you need to REST that leg as these things get worse - much worse - if ignored.

Good luck with it!

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The anti-inflam gels are quite good, and pop some damp tea towels in the freezer...

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