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I started this program one month ago. I've been taking it slow (knee pain, more recently some issues with an ankle) and have repeated W2 5 times. I'm really pleased to see that while the running is coming along at a much slower pace than I'd like, there are other benefits I'm seeing! I wear a fitbit, and while I know the data isn't precise, it definitely tracks trends and my resting heart rate has gone down by about 10bpm and my "cardio fitness level" has improved from "poor to fair" to "fair to average". It's really nice to see some data that confirms that I'm improving my health, especially in the face of physical and weather challenges! It helps spur me on - to continue the c25k programme and the other activity I've been doing on non-running days.

Definitely won't be getting a run in today... a big dump of snow here!

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well done for keeping going . Ive only done week one but as a newbie at this running lark am getting numerous aches and blisters but do feel better too (no fit bit for evidence!) so think I will repeat week 1 again before moving on after all can do it a t my pace just wont finish in 9 weeks :)

Those are pretty impressive results from just one month of running! I do hope this spurs you on. Not long until you will be able to run in lovely spring weather (if it ever arrives!). I have been running for 7 months now and my cardio fitness has shot up dramatically.

Well done on persisting! Patience is key. I had a number of niggles and small injuries in the first few months of running, but as you get stronger, they will lessen. For now, keep up the good work.

Sadie-runs x

Hi Amandana, thats good news about your resting hr improvements.

You mention a bit of a pain in your knee and ankle, just wondered what your running shoes are like? If they are not giving you the support you need this will show up in your knees...

Its very easy to see if your shoes are right by getting a free gait analysis at a proper running shop. There is a link here all about it....

Worth thinking about, sorry if you already know all this😊x

Thanks Bluebirdrunner!

I got them at a running shop and had a gait analysis, so hopefully they're the right fit. I have custom orthotic insoles on order after a visit to the chiropodist so that may help as well. I have had the same knee issue in the past, so it was almost to be expected as I hadn't done any exercise previous to running for many months. I should likely have known to do some squats and other training to strengthen up the muscles before starting c25k. The ankle thing I think was due to running with my hubby - he's 6'3" and I'm 5'4" so I was definitely going too fast. His base level of fitness is so much higher than mine, so even pushing an 85lb jogging stroller (two kiddos inside) he's much faster than me. Even though I set the pace, just knowing I was holding him back pushed me to go faster than I should have. So I think I can pin down the issues - but I'll definitely head back to the running shop to assess my shoe choice if I experience any more challenges!

Well done - hopefully the weather will pick up soon and you can continue the good work.


Benefits all around really...keep it slow and steady and practice sledging :)


Well done on those results........that is just the beginning.

Regarding your pains, try slowing down, making sure footfall is under your body, not out in front and avoid heelstriking........this all reduces impact stresses. You can always speed up when your body has strengthened.

There are knee strengthening exercises here

Keep running, keep smiling.

Thanks for the link IannodaTruffle - I do squats and the seated leg lifts (some with an elastic band for resistance) as those were given to me by a physiotherapist years ago for my knee issue, and I'll add in some of these other exercises on non running days, one legged squats look like a good challenge! :) I've started doing yoga as well - some strengthening in some of the videos and seems to compliment the c25k nicely for me as I tend to hurry the post-run stretch.


There are so many benefits to C25k. It is remarkable. I haven't been able to run in awhile and I sure feel it mentally. My head is clearer, I handle stress better and my mood is lifted with regular running. Glad to hear you're already noticing improvements. Our snow is finally melting a bit from last week's dump, but we're supposed to get another dump this weekend. It's the year if the never-ending winter, that's for sure. Spring running will be that much sweeter when it finally arrives.

Oh my gosh - the mental benefits are amazing! I have a very fit friend and was surprised to hear that physical fitness is actually a bit of a side effect for her - she mainly exercises (and quite a bit) for the mental benefits.

DebJogsOnGraduate in reply to Amandana

I agree totally here. C25K has improved my physical fitness massively but by far the best rewards come from the positives to mental attitude and stress busting. There's nothing so good as a run the put life back into perspective and lift my mood.

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