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Injury on left leg - opposite side to knee

Rather foolishly, running after a family member in wellies on Saturday, I seem to have injured my left leg. It's on the opposite side to my knee, almost directly behind it but on the other side of my leg (so not behind my knee on the front).

I had done W1 and W2 and ran on it on Monday (W3 R1), which I now think was a bit foolish! It was very sore after running on it but then the pain calmed down. Can walk on it, just quite sore after being on it much of the day.

My questions are, what is this likely to be - will it have been caused by the wellies not supporting my feet very well or is at injury from W1/W2 that just took a while to be "activated" I guess?

Should I stop the runs until the pain is gone (not too bad as I say when walking on it, haven't run on it since Monday), or should I run on it?

Would really appreciate any advice.

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It could very well be caused by running in the wellies especially if you noticed the pain afterwards.

I'm trying to work out where exactly the pain is from your description but don't run until you're pain free and stretch after each run. Painful knees are fairly common when we first start the programme so make sure you do some strengthening exercises and keep these up during the whole programme.




So whatever the muscle is on the back of your leg - your knee is on the front, the muscle is on the back.


So it’s behind the knee? Or further up behind your thigh?

Regardless just don’t run until the pain goes and stretch after warming the muscles.


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