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w6r1 - facing first physical problems...knees!

Well OK not the first physical problem (that was just being too unfit to run for more than 60s at a time without collapsing in a wheezing mess) but the first one that might be a result of the running.

Unfortunately after having to rerun w5r2 and r3 after a long break for snow, I then get a cold and we spend another week out of it. Not willing to go back and do w5 yet again we got on with w6r1 on tuesday and it seemed pretty good - no more difficult than what we have faced before in the past. And we were looking to do w6r2 today...

But wife has a knee issue. Not pain as such - nothing when seated but when walking and particularly upstairs discomfort and a feeling of being conscious of its bending in one knee. Some just about noticeable puffiness on the side of the knee on the inside side of the kneecap but not the kneecap itself.

Anyone had anything like this? She says she felt nothing untoward at all during the last run, and the discomfort was only noticed yesterday and was a bit more today, but applying some ice earlier this afternoon has reduced the puffiness (which was difficult to see anyway) and has reduced the uncomfortable feeling a lot now but she is still conscious of it.

If general aches and pains of the body getting used to running then as wife says, she is keen to get on and it doesn't actually hurt so we want to crack on. She thinks it might be to do with the fact that the timing of w6r1 means we ran for the first time up a really steep slope - well really steep for us - during the final bit of the run - and I know what she means I really felt that too! But if it is something that is likely to lead to an injury obviously we don't want to risk that.

Anyone had anything similar? Any advice?

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Hi See recent post Knees!!! by Gramcc 🤔

Replies from Mentor and forum, links, maybe reassure you. 🌟👏👏


Thanks for the suggestions! They have been really helpful and given us some exercise ideas. It is so difficult to know how far to push it but it is clear a lot of people seem to be in a worse state than my wife and get over it which is hopeful!


We are not medical experts, so if in any doubt or if your wife is in pain, then see our GP...

The longer runs can often mean increase in aches and pains..there is a ( difference between ache and pains and real pain ); rest day exercise should be upped and the warm up, and after run stretches become even more important too..

Try these exercises out too.. they do seem to be very helpful;

Then, steady and slow... relax into the runs. let the legs carry you and try to land gently :)


We have had a week of generally resting but wife has been doing knee exercises as suggested and yesterday went out to repeat w6r1...wife's knees not back to normal...and we did it slow and managed it (somewhat surprised by that after a week off!) and today wife's knees seem no worse hoping it'll be ok. Thanks for the advice!

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